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Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

R&D Manager

R&D Manager

Join our 3-part RoIP Webinar Series

Join our 3-part RoIP Webinar Series

Join our 3-Part RoIP Webinar Series:
1. Fundamentals | 2. Issues | 3. Advanced Applications


We've invested over 35 Years to simplifying radio communications.

IPR400S2 RoIP Gateway
Introducing the IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 analog interoperability and RoIP gateway that makes it super easy to interconnect different radios reliably and fast.


Smart, flexible and dynamic. A highly configurable gateway that allows you to connect in more ways than ever before.

Support & Maintenance Agreements

Peace of mind with 24/7/365 global support.


Standalone Media Dock for Professional Dispatch Operators

computer aided dispatch software

Mission-Critical Dispatch

Mission-Critical Enterprise Dispatch

Mission-Critical Radio Dispatch for Server, Site or Cloud -
YES! Operators CAN work from home!

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Omnitronics Expertise

Mission-Critical Communications Made Easy

Operating 24/7 in the control and command centres and radio infrastructures of some of the world’s most vital organizations.
Ready to implement out of the box OR customizable to suit unique needs. We make it work. Easy.


Powerful and simple to use dispatch systems for organizations of all sizes

Radio over IP

Flexible solutions for both analogue and digital radio. Interconnecting radio users, dispatchers and systems


Across frequency band, analog and digital, radio protocol and manufacturer


About Omnitronics

Established by a group of highly experienced engineers in 1981, Omnitronics’ goal was to improve the efficiency of two way radio systems.

Since then we’ve become a specialist provider of radio dispatch, interoperability, and communications management products specifically tailored to the individual requirements of every customer.

Years Young

Young enough to be flexible, old enough to know the ropes.


Have helped our clients connect & unify.

Dispatch Positions

Mission-critical communications made easy.


Omnitronics products and solutions are installed all over the world.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
Upgrading Radio Dispatch Software to Windows 10

Upgrading Radio Dispatch Software to Windows 10

When Microsoft promises More Power and More Speed with Windows 10 it seems the obvious choice to upgrade. All documents, apps and data are easily backed up and it appears simple to just download Windows 10 and run the app.  Whilst this may work with the average office...

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omnicore Radio Dispatch supplied to Department of BCA

omnicore Radio Dispatch supplied to Department of BCA

omnicore Dispatch Connects Remote Sites via IP Across Statewide Radio NetworkOmnitronics is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract supplying omnicore Radio Dispatch for critical and other communications across the statewide radio...

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