619DSRI Overview
radio interoperability gateway

Smart, flexible and dynamic. A highly configurable gateway that allows you to connect in more ways than ever before.

619DSRI Overview
radio interoperability gateway
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619DSRI Radio Interoperability Gateway


Setting a new standard in audio bridging, the 619DSRI radio interoperability gateway provides enhanced audio performance, increased functionality and simplified interfacing and application configuration. The 619DSRI gives the communications integrator powerful features that can be used to substantially increase the effectiveness of new and existing radio networks using dynamic configuration.

Cross Banding

Easily bridge (or cross band) a number of different radio transceivers (mobile or base), regardless of manufacturer or frequency band.

Configurable Groups

Pre-configure different user groups and network structures to suit various operational scenarios then switch to the appropriate structure according to operational needs.


Ultimate Flexibility

Provide a method of auto steering voice calls to different sub-networks using either CTCSS or tone signalling.

Quite simply, the 619DSRI is the most cost effective method of interconnecting multiple radios on the market and is equally effective in commercial applications such as Utilities, Transport and Resources as it is in Public Safety.


Smart, Flexible and Dynamic


Dynamic linking & auto path steering

Smart Tone Signalling

Automated actions using CTCSS & inband tones

Web Configuration

Easy set up, management & diagnostics over IP

radio interoperability gateway

Quickly Link & Re-group

Combine & connect users & agencies on demand

Interoperability Interface

Flexible, easy & safe connection to analog & digital radios

Remote Control Over the Air

Instant changes from a DTMF handset


Why Choose the 619DSRI Radio Interoperability Gateway?


Time Saving

Saves considerable time and effort in interfacing disparate radio equipment

Efficient Operations

Improves organizational effectiveness by allowing networks to be re-configured to meet operational needs


Easy Expansion

Significantly reduces the cost of adding additional hardware to your existing setup

Lower Costs

Reduces maintenance costs by enabling remote diagnosis and configuration of repeater equipment



The smart, flexible and dynamic interoperability gateway

radio interoperability gateway

619DSRI Use Cases

Connect in More Ways


Fast Keying a Repeater when using CTCSS



Eliminate Race Conditions




Auto Path Steering



Connecting a Convention Channel to DMR or NXDN Trunking




 Remote Control Linking / Patching



Multiple Transceivers w Flexible Patch Groups



Connecting Airband or Marine Radio to DMR or NXDN



Technical Specifications

What is Included?
Number of Ports 8
Power Supply 12 Vdc @ 300mA
4-Wire Configuration E&M Software
Detect/Generate DTMF, CTCSS, Inband, Selcall
Input/Output Digital: 8 in/2 out
Analog: 2 in
Web Configuration/Firmware Upgrade Included
Front Panel Control Included
Real-Time Remote Control Included
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