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Flexible RoIP Gateway for analog systems

Flexible RoIP Gateway for analog systems

Super simple and reliable.


Why the 619EI Interoperability Bridge?

If you are looking for an easy way to interconnect radio equipment from different manufacturers and in different bands, look no further.

The 619EI interoperability bridge quickly connects multiple repeaters together at a remote site and provides various paths within a radio network for ultimate interoperability.

It will provide you with a solution that is simple to install and configure. Applications include as HF/VHF/UHF radio networks, audio bearer systems, data, model splitters/combiners, public safety address systems, etc.

Independent ports allow the bridge to be configured in any combination providing the system designer with greater flexibility.




Supports multiple manufacturers


Simple to install, maintain and use

Tough & Reliable

Tested to last 18+years, used for over 20 years



Different frequency bands

White Paper

Audio Bridging: Real-World Applications

Audio Bridging provides a uniform way of interconnecting radio equipment from different manufacturers and in different frequency bands. Typically this is done at the repeater remote site to provide multiple paths within a single radio network. However, with advances in technology a vast array of additional applications are possible.

interoperability gateway

Looking For Even More Functionality?

619DSRI Interoperability Gateway

8-port digital audio bridge providing powerful features using dynamic configuration.


Interoperability Gateways

Interconnect different radios reliably and fast.

interoperability gateway
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