Communications Infrastructure and Systems
that Increase Mine Site Safety and Efficiency

9:00 am – 3:00 pm | 9th May 2019

Cliftons Brisbane
3/288 Edward St, Brisbane City

Faced with falling revenue and profits, the mining industry has turned to new technologies to grow their future business.  Driven by new connectivity tools, a broad range of technologies are coming together to open incredible prospects for mining.

Mines are challenged to increase output, minimise downtime, and increase efficiency, all while providing a zero-harm work environment.  Users of analog and digital radio are future-proofing their communications as a stepping stone to a much wider strategy that can evolve and change.

Recent cyclones have caused Rio Tinto and BHP to downgrade their iron ore outputs significantly.  Localized weather events can have a huge impact.  Learn how Tait and Omnitronics solutions can help you proactively manage your operation to minimize downtime.

Key partnerships between technology providers are critical, allowing mining companies to take advantage of innovation.  Tait and Omnitronics have a longstanding relationship with many mining customers, providing solutions that safeguard business continuity while embracing change.

Tait and Omnitronics invite you to learn how a reliable and resilient communications system can add new value through data-driven solutions and services.  We want you to utilize your communications system for business intelligence, leading to more profitable outcomes, while still ensuring site safety.

At Connected to the Future you will:

  • learn from like-minded digital leaders in mission-critical organizations,
  • see how mining operators have leveraged communications as a vehicle for increasing safety and efficiency
  • gain an understanding of the industry’s communications requirements
  • hear from industry experts about technological trends impacting both the critical communications and mining industries.

Register your interest NOW to attend this full day event featuring an interactive workshop, expert presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. We will be in contact with registration details soon.

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