Saving Money with RoIP

Cost Saving Benefits of Radio Over IP

There are a number of quality and reliability benefits associated with radio over IP (RoIP) dispatch solutions, but for many organizations, the most pressing concern for their business is cost management. Maintaining and effectively running the type of equipment required for a modern radio network can carry a variety of expenses.
Fortunately, features included in RoIP technology can offer a more cost-effective way to interconnect radio systems and operators together, while also enhancing the functionality and user experience. Below are six ways in which a RoIP solution can significantly reduce your organization’s costs.

Integration with Existing IP Infrastructure

It’s a good bet that most organizations investigating this technology already have some form of dispatch solution in place, some of which will involve perfectly adequate, useful equipment. Rather than needing to completely overhaul your entire system, RoIP solutions are designed to integrate with existing IP infrastructure, such as private IP, LAN or WAN.
Should you have the basic infrastructure in place, there is no need for extra cabling or communications paths to be established to install your new RoIP dispatch console. This easy upgrade process continues no matter how much expansion your system may require in future; the solution can be scaled without the need for any significant wiring work, nor any of the expense that goes along with it.

Availability and Decreasing Cost of Equipment

As RoIP technology continues to develop and become the standard, the equipment is becoming more accessible and affordable. While custom development and implementation remains a necessity for many organizations, often these systems can be crafted to include common off-the-shelf hardware like routers and switches. While digital technology was once the realm of highly specialised equipment, nowadays it’s possible to purchase some elements – a sophisticated enough router, for example – from many electronics retailers at a reduced cost.
This technology can be sourced from third party manufacturers with much greater ease as the market matures, and the costs of investment are continually decreasing.
RoIP solutions can free you up from expensive line lease subscriptions.

RoIP solutions can free you up from expensive line lease subscriptions.

Leased Line Replacement

Any organization that has had a dispatch solution for some time is likely familiar with the notion of leased lines. A dedicated voice path offered by telecommunications service providers, the monthly fees associated with the system have long represented a significant proportion of the running costs of radio networks.
IP networks can free you up from traditional communication methods, transmitting and receiving all data over the internet or local area networks, rather than through infrastructure owned and leased by corporations.

Harnessing the Power of IP Gateways

RoIP innovation is not limited to the core technology itself – supporting equipment can bring even greater power to your network. The addition of an IP gateway is an extra investment to be made, but the savings your organization will make over the long term thanks to multiple connection positions will make it worthwhile.
While point-to-point protocol generally allows the transfer of information between two directly connected devices, radio networks usually require a solution that can connect a number of unique positions to a base station. By using an IP gateway with your digital radio, those protocols can be shared amongst a number of operators.
Another key element of digital dispatch solutions is the vocoder, technology that processes audio signals and synthesized speech. Without the right equipment in place, every operator position would require a dedicated vocoder, which can obviously result in further expense.
With the addition of an IP gateway, however, just one vocoder is necessary; like the point-to-point protocols it can be shared amongst a number of users.

Improved Interoperability

Finally, RoIP allows the interconnection of a mixture of radio types – both analog and digital – on a single network. Your organization will remain free to choose the radio manufacturers that offer the functionality you require, finding a solution that meets your budget without sacrificing the best features.
The interoperability offered by RoIP can also be augmented with the addition of an IP gateway, ensuring innovative developments such as location services are accessible on your network.
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