Case Studies

Public Safety

950 Radio Management System used in FESA’s Incident Control Vehicles
Remote Operator Positions added to Existing DX64 System for Coast Guard
Wide Area Network Established Across NSW Beaches
Portable DX64 Dispatch Consoles commissioned for Fremantle Sea Rescue
950 Radio Management System for CFA
950 Radio Management System for Department of Sustainability & Environment
Re-banding with 619 Audio Bridge in Public Safety Organization
619EI used by Arizona DPS to establish interoperability
DX-64 used by Fiji Police to patch phone to radio
DX-64 used by Melbourne Coast Guard for a Scalable Radio Dispatch System
DX-64 used by NSW Fire for Rapid Recall Radio Dispatch
IPR100 used by Rural Fire Authority to access a radio network via the internet
IPR400 used by Ambulance Service to provide a backup path to a repeater site using IP
IPR Dispatch used by local Police department as a portable back-up device to the DX64
IPR Dispatch used by Police as a mobile command centre linked via satellite
IPR100 used by Public Safety organisation to replace leased lines


IP Improves Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) in Middle East
619SRI used by Queensland Rail for radio network splitting and combining
619SRI used by Sydney Monorail for radio and voice communications


Gold Mine uses 619DSRI for Above to Below Ground Communications
Large Underground Mine commissions DX-64 System
Rio Tinto achieve Complete Redundancy with DX64 Enterprise
Rio Tinto improves Radio Network Management with SNMP
Oil Rig Crane Operator Communicates to Platform, Marine and Airband from One Radio
619EI used by BHP Coal Mines for cross banding
950 Radio Management System and IPR 100’s used to achieve remote access at mine site
950 Radio Management System used by Vietnam Oil & Gas company for channel change
DX-64 used to manage Woodside’s North West Shelf Platform communications
IPR100 used by Malaysian Oil & Gas company for a remote radio switching
IPR400’s used to transofrm Underground Mine into VoIP


Rural Electric Cooperative implements IP over Microwave for Wide Area Coverage
Radio over IP as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan
Air Force crossbands Radio Networks for Interoperability between Military Groups
Gold Coast Cabs upgrades Dispatch System to include VoIP
Dispatch Network Established across Australia for Wilson Security
Problems associated with Multicasting overcome by using the IPR’s Conferencing Mode to extend Radio Coverage
Electricity Utility extends SCADA Monitoring & Control using IPR100’s
IPR100 used by Australasian Safari to connect event organisers via satellite
IPR100 used to connect remote work crews in Innisfail
IPR100’s used by Variety BASH Victoria to connect to remote mobile radios

School District uses IP to Establish Multisite Repeater Network
Hospital Improves Radio Network Reliability & Flexibility using IP
Multiple Warehouses connnect Radios by IP

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