The Client

Country Fire Authority (CFA) is a volunteer fire and emergency services organization that protects millions of people and homes across the state of Victoria, Australia.


The Challenge

The Corryong Fire Brigades Group, required access to two P25 radio repeater sites that provided voice communications at a command level for their area. However, the local command operations facility is located within the footprint of one radio repeater but the other radio repeater was not accessible.


The Solution

A DRG100-P25 Digital Radio Gateway was connected to the Tait TB9100 radio repeaters at each site. These DRG’s were then able to link the audio of the two radio sites together enabling the Corryong Group to access both site simultaneously.
Since the DRG100’s use an IP connection both to the radio and to the data network, they are able to be located at either the radio site or another network location.


This simple example shows how Radio over IP gateways can provide added value even to digital radio networks. CFA Vic is now looking to roll out Omnitronics 960 handsets (connected via IPR100 gateways) at remote Incident Control Centres for remote access.

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