Case Study

Nationwide Coordination With DX-Altus

Fire & Rescue NSW is the 4th largest urban fire service in the world, with responsibility for response to Fire and Emergency Incidents within the major cities and towns throughout NSW..

Despite best efforts, no one can predict where an Emergency Incident will occur. Therefore the assets you require to manage that emergency effectively might not be in the ideal location. Fire & Rescue NSW has identified this issue and established two Mobile Command Centres (MCC’s) which can be deployed across the state. The MCC’s provide all of the technology and systems needed for a team of incident managers to communicate with fire fighters and to get input from various sources to develop a level of situational awareness, which assists them in managing major emergency incidents.

Customer Profile

Excise Department, with 67 offices across the country



Customizable Workgroups

Products Used

– DX-Altus
– Kenwood Nexedge Radio Network

Business Benefits

Supports Migration from Analog to Digital.

Easily Expandable

Customizable Workgroups

Simple Operation

Cost Effective

The Challenge

More Comprehensive Radio Management System

The Excise Department wanted to replace their existing infrastructure of cellular phones and handheld radios with a more cmprehensive radio management system.

The department needed a system to help with coordinating staff across the 67 rovisional
excise offices, from the Command Centre in Bangkok. The new system needed to be able to support the Kenwood Nexedge radio network that they chose as their communication method, whilst also supporting the legacy radios.

Product Focus

RediTALK-Flex Dispatch

Connect technologies, protocols and vendors

Easy to Use
Clean and customizable User Interface

Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency
See who calls where and when

cad dispatch

Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking/Patching
Connect groups of radios in real time

Receive and make calls and patch to radios

Location Services
Advanced people and asset tracking

The Solution

Scalability, IP Backbone and Ability to Support Migration

The DX-Altus Digital Radio Management system was chosen due to its scalability, IP backbone and its ability to support migration.

The DX-Altus was installed at the Bangkok Command Centre along with Alto dispatch operator stations. In addition it interfaced to a Digital Voice Recorder and Network Management System. The DX-Altus then connected to the 67 provisional offices via IP, using Radio over IP Gateways.

The workgroups feature of the Alto dispatch console enabled grouping of channels according to these regions for simple and efficient control.

Case Study

Nationwide Coordination with DX-Altus

The Excise Department of Thailand


The Excise Department was able to simply migrate to the new system

The Excise Department was able to simply migrate to the new system due to the DX-Altus’ ability to support the existing radios along with
the new Kenwood Nexedge radios. From central command in Bangkok they are now able to manage voice communications nation-wide.

Thanks to Digital Research and Consulting Co; our local distributors in Thailand, who proposed and commissioned this system.

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