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A seismic shift is taking place in the radio world, shaping the future of how most of us will communicate in the years to come.

While the adoption rate of digital two-way radio in Australia and New Zealand is among the highest globally, analog systems are still dominant worldwide. A recent survey suggests that up to 80% of two-way radio users are still using analog systems, even though many of them are using hybrid digital systems.

Even so, more than 70% of those surveyed stated they were planning to migrate to digital in the next five years, and over half of those within the next two years.

While voice communications remains the number one application for two-way radio – both digital and analog – the drive behind the shift towards digital lies in data applications.

With parallels in the smartphone world, where data applications – or apps – have transformed the humble mobile phone into a portable computer, similar changes are afoot in the radio world.

See the full article here: Radio Comms.

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