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Maritime Dispatch

How omnicore Enterprise Dispatch creates reliable & interoperable communications solutions for Ports and Maritime Agencies

Maritime transportation is an important industry across the globe and much of the world’s trade relies on goods being moved from one place to another via the oceans.

Most of the coordination of moving this cargo falls on ports across the globe so reliable communication is imperative in a modern port.

Join Micheal Parker and Michael Clarke as they demonstrate, using recent real-life examples, how:


  • Reliable and secure communications can be implemented from a central location to multiple remote sites
  • Centralised updates can be delivered to all consoles
  • Radio vendor interoperability can be achieved
  • Systems can be easily expanded for future needs
  • Systems are reliable for mission-critical communications
  • Effective reporting can be used to manage operator load
  • omnicore Enterprise Dispatch can help create reliable & interoperable communication solutions

Meet Your Presenters

Micheal Parker

Senior Communications Consultant

Micheal joined the Omnitronics Sales Team in 2002.  He has a strong technical background and prior to commencing with Omnitronics, he worked on many communications projects throughout Australia, the Pacific, South America and Africa.

During his time at Omnitronics, Micheal has helped deliver many solutions to the maritime sector.

Micheal brings valuable “real world” experience and expertise to his position.  Clearly he brings a wealth of knowledge in system integration, applications and implementation.

Michael Clarke

Senior Communications Consultant

Michael Clarke has been with Omnitronics since 2017 and covers Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and New Zealand. Mike is supported by a global team of integration engineers, radio engineers, software and hardware engineers and IT experts, delivering solutions that add real value to real-world problems.

For over 20 years he has worked in many industries around the globe understanding the use and application of various communications technology and the impact it has on businesses and processes. Seeing how and where technology can be used to improve processes, and add value to an organisation or the general public, is his core interest.

What You’ll Learn in This Session

How omnicore Enterprise Dispatch can help create reliable and interoperable communications solutions

How communication between remote sites can be managed from a central control room

How centralised updates can be delivered to all consoles

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