40th Anniversary

Omnitronics celebrates 4 decades of innovation in mission-critical communications – looking ahead to a future of accelerated growth & ingenuity.

A global leader in customized solutions for mission-critical communications, the company, founded by David Nicolson and Jim Wilcox in Perth in 1981, has grown to be an icon brand, specializing in Radio Dispatch, Interoperability and Radio over IP technology.

Omnitronics announces the company’s 40th milestone anniversary, and whilst they have established themselves as a leader in mission-critical two-way radio hardware, software and systems, the company originally began as an Electronics Engineering firm in Western Australia. Over the years Omnitronics have seen their inventions applied across a varied range of applications:  From remote control technology for dump trucks used in underground mining in the early nineties, to the technology used in the Q-Zar laser tag game – if there was a need for groundbreaking & purpose-built electronics engineering, the team at Omnitronics were the go-to option of choice.

The company was amongst the first in the world to offer Radio over IP technology at a commercial level that is suitable for mission-critical uses as early as 2005. Today, Omnitronics is a global solutions provider of radio dispatch technology in the world’s most vital organisations. To date, Omnitronics has supplied over 7,000 dispatch consoles and over 6,000 radio gateways across the globe.

Despite their large-scale success stories, a penchant for customized development has remained. While other manufacturers offer dispatch consoles as is, Omnitronics have made a name as the customization specialist – taking their systems further by developing functionalities and tailoring applications to suit individual client and industry requirements on top of the standard offerings.

Radio dispatch systems are used in many industries and Omnitronics has successfully deployed its technology in the Public Safety, Security, Federal, State & Local Government departments, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors.

In a prolific pursuit to create interoperability between vendors, technologies and protocols, Omnitronics have over the years developed an expansive network of technology partnerships and integrations with most major vendors and standards bodies. Overcoming vendor lock-in and the ability to interconnect legacy analog with modern digital networks across protocols gives them a unique competitive advantage in an industry traditionally constraining upgrades to suit pre-existing structures.

Omnitronics CEO of 17 years, John Florenca, has been with the company for 26 years in various roles, “I believe the success of the company comes from within, you can see it reflected in our core values: We are Quality, We Care, We Focus, We are Creators. These are not just buzzwords, but a real reflection of who we are, and what we strive to do every day of the year. I believe that these core values have enabled Omnitronics to become the successful 40-year-old company that it is today. And I can say that because they are basically the same values that I saw when I joined back in 1995.

“We get some really interesting cases through to Support”, says Glenn Woods, Omnitronics team member for the past 25 years ,“like an Omnitronics IPR radio gateway installed on a remote oil platform that hasn’t been restarted or updated for 7+ years and continues to work without a hitch; or the enquiry to expand a dispatch console system that was installed 20 years prior and is still used every day. Omnitronics products are just built for quality and longevity.

Developed to withstand the harshest of conditions: from sweltering in the drought-stricken outback of Australia to enduring the biting chill of the arctic circle – the steadfast reliability of Omnitronics engineering forms the heart of mission-critical communications systems that are used to support millions of people in 42 countries across 6 continents.

Celebrating Success

28 Awards for Team Contributions

On occasion of the 40th Anniversary Omnitronics team members were officially recognized for their contribution to the success of the organization. From Service Awards in the categories 10+ Years, 15+ Years and 25+ Years of Service, to exemplary commitment to the Omnitronics Values, or technology and personal achievements – a total of 28 awards were received by Omnitronics team members. Below two of the recipients showcasing their plaque of recognition:

Paul Whitfield | R& D Manager

Change the World Award for his contribution to RoIP technology

Micheal Parker | Sr Communications Consultant

19 Years of Service Award
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