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Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield

R&D Manager

R&D Manager

Join our 3-part RoIP Webinar Series

Join our 3-part RoIP Webinar Series

Join our 3-Part RoIP Webinar Series:
1. Fundamentals | 2. Issues | 3. Advanced Applications

Innovate. Connect. Unify.

We've invested over 40 Years to simplifying radio communications.

IPR400 S2
IPR400S2 RoIP Gateway
Introducing the IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 analog interoperability and RoIP gateway that makes it super easy to interconnect different radios reliably and fast.


Smart, flexible and dynamic. A highly configurable gateway that allows you to connect in more ways than ever before.

Support & Maintenance Plans
Support & Maintenance Plans

Peace of mind with 24/7/365 global support.


Standalone Media Dock for Professional Dispatch Operators

omnicore Full Suite
computer aided dispatch software

Mission-Critical Dispatch

Mission-Critical Enterprise Dispatch

Mission-Critical Radio Dispatch for Server, Site or Cloud -
YES! Operators CAN work from home!

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Omnitronics Expertise

Mission-Critical Communications Made Easy

Operating 24/7 in the control and command centres and radio infrastructures of some of the world’s most vital organizations.
Ready to implement out of the box OR customizable to suit unique needs. We make it work. Easy.


Powerful and simple to use dispatch systems for organizations of all sizes

Radio over IP

Flexible solutions for both analogue and digital radio. Interconnecting radio users, dispatchers and systems


Across frequency band, analog and digital, radio protocol and manufacturer


Hear From Our Customers

“Many thanks for your detailed explanation. As always you guys prove you know your equipment.”

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt | Mission Critical Solutions

“Great support team, always going above and beyond to help us out”

“I have only recently moved into this role, however all my interactions, particularly on the phone, have been very positive and assisted in maximising the Omnitronics products we are using”

“Charles was very helpful and willing to resolve my problem”

“Great to have the support question answered by the engineer who designed the product”

“Good customer service”

“Very happy with Omnitronics Service and Support.”

“Glenn really was very pleasant and patient to work with. The accent was a bit unusual but he is forgiven 😊 ”

“Love the Omnitronics product. Great Documentations for all your product’s. And support has always been able help answer any system questions for our recent projects.”

“Very supportive and quick response allows us to get system up and running without any downtimes”

“Continued great customer service”

“Andrew was excellent to deal with.”

“Truly Fantastic Support, Alex was amazing”

“Sealon is always very helpful”

“I’ve been working with Omnitronics for well over 20 years now and they are my go too company for console systems.”

“As always, great product and support.”

Dave Graham | A1COMMS

“Always friendly and approachable. Excellent after sales service”

“Professional service team keen to solve your problems”


About Omnitronics

Established by a group of highly experienced engineers in 1981, Omnitronics’ goal was to improve the efficiency of two way radio systems.

Since then we’ve become a specialist provider of radio dispatch, interoperability, and communications management products specifically tailored to the individual requirements of every customer.

Years Young

Young enough to be flexible, old enough to know the ropes.


Have helped our clients connect & unify.

Dispatch Positions

Mission-critical communications made easy.


Omnitronics products and solutions are installed all over the world.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
WEBINAR | RoIP Series 2/3: Practical Radio over IP / Issues

WEBINAR | RoIP Series 2/3: Practical Radio over IP / Issues

In the second in our 3-Part RoIP series, you will learn some of the more commonly encountered issues with Radio over IP.
This Webinar will build upon the foundations learnt in the first session and is also suitable for those with an existing understanding of RoIP principles.

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WEBINAR | RoIP Series 3/3: Advanced Applications of RoIP

WEBINAR | RoIP Series 3/3: Advanced Applications of RoIP

The final in our RoIP series, this session explores some of the more complex applications of the Radio over IP technology, including its uses in digital radio and console dispatch. This Webinar will build upon the foundations learnt in the first two sessions, as well as taking a look at some of the more complicated applications.

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City of Antwerp Port Upgrades Dispatch to RediTALK-Flex

City of Antwerp Port Upgrades Dispatch to RediTALK-Flex

In 2016 the City of Antwerp took over management of the waters on the Eilandje - Antwerp’s oldest port area - from the Antwerp Port Authority. The area around Bonapartedok, Willemdok, Kempisch Dock, Kattendijkdok, Houtdok and Asiadok therefore form an urban area and...

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Connecting Communications with Unicast IP Lines

Connecting Communications with Unicast IP Lines

Due to the large amount of active oil projects on the west coast of Africa, the need for trustworthy communication systems has never been so important. MRTC, an Authorized Reseller of Omnitronics, was chosen to deliver a critical dispatch system for a large Nigerian...

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