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Radio Dispatch & Interoperability

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Why Omnitronics?

Omnitronics is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mission critical radio management systems.

Specializing in Digital Radio Management, Dispatch, Interoperability and Radio over IP, our products and solutions operate 24/7 in the control centres and radio infrastructures of some of the world’s most vital organizations.

Operating for over 30 years, Omnitronics has an international network of distributors and resellers spanning the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Easy to Use

Our technology just works. Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to maintain. 


Highly Interoperable

We connect people, technologies, protocols and manufacturers.


Simple to Customize

We offer more than what’s in the box. Just ask us.


Superior Quality

In over 35 years of operation, we’ve built a solid reputation for designing and producing high quality systems.

Products & Services

Control & Monitor Communications

dispatch systems

Radio Management & Dispatch 

A wide range of scalable radio dispatch solutions to suit small to enterprise operations, proven in a variety of operating environments including emergency dispatch centres, utilities, maritime, mining, oil and gas operations, public safety and the transportation industry.

Connect Remote Devices

gateways for dispatch system

Radio over IP (RoIP) Gateways

Our radio connectivity products connect single or multiple remote devices (consoles or radios) over IP. The Omnitronics IPR range of Voice Over IP adapters provide point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity with SIP capabilities. And the DRG range of Digital Radio Gateways interconnects digital radio technologies and provides added flexibility & security.

Radio Interconnects

Interoperability Gateways

We offer a variety of audio bridging and interoperability devices that allow multiple radios to be interconnected, independent of frequency or manufacturer, for stand-alone operations. Depending on the solution, we offer devices for localized and wide area networks with various numbers of radio and telephone ports.


Dispatch Systems and Gateways

Omnitronics has a long history of collaboration with industry and organizations to develop dispatch and gateway solutions customized to unique client and industry requirements.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.