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roip gateway software
IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway

A 2-in-1 analog Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway

A 2-in-1 analog Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway that makes it super easy to interconnect different radios reliably and fast.



Why Choose the IPR400 S2 with RoIP Gateway Software?

The IPR400 S2 is a full featured, fast and flexible multi-channel VoIP radio interface with RoIP gateway software. It combines Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment and interoperability between disparate radio systems all in one.

The 4 ports of the IPR400 S2 can be linked together internally to the IPR400 S2 or with VoIP in a myriad of combinations, making the device ideal for connecting repeater sites. The gateway also features SIP connectivity for use with dispatch consoles such as RediTALK-Flex, altusomni or omnicore.

When the IPR100 is not enough, the IPR400 S2 offers isolated 4-wire E&M interfaces, multi-casting, voice activity detection, voice compression, SELCALL & DTMF signalling, encryption and RS-232 data tunnelling.

To make configuration a breeze, the IPR400 S2 now incorporates software configurable E&M signals. Using a web browser, you can configure contact, voltage or switched (power or ground) operation for both the M (PTT) outputs and the E (Busy) inputs.

PTT over Cellular (PTToC) is supported as is Remote Control over IP. 


4 Ports

Control up to four two-way radios remotely over IP link


Site Monitoring

Monitor network performance via SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol



Link groups of radios, IP and VoIP channels in various combinations 



Analog Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway 


2-in-1 Interoperability & Full Multi-Channel RoIP Gateway Software


Protect against unauthorized access & eavesdropping

Web Configuration

Easy set up, management & diagnostics over IP

Network Flexibility

Connect in more ways using SIP, multicast or unicast

roip gateway software

Quickly Link & Re-group

Combine & connect users & agencies on demand

PTT over Cellular

Use PTToC to listen & speak over connected radios

Remote Control over IP

Link & cross-band channels remotely using the IPRLink application


IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 analog Interoperability and RoIP gateway software.

roip gateway software

Technical Specifications

What is Included?
Number of Ports 4 (+4 RoIP)
Power Supply 12 Vdc @ 500mA
Detect/Generate DTMF, Selcall
Input/Output Digital: 2 in/2 out
Analog: 8 in
Network Monitoring SNMP
Web Configuration/Firmware Upgrade Included
VoIP 4 channels included
Real-Time Remote Control Included
ESChat / PTToC Included


Included Feature


Communicating with radios is easier than ever before with the Omnitronics omnilink Windows application. Included as standard with the IPR400 S2 Interoperability Gateway, it gives the ability to easily control local link groups remotely from a PC or tablet.

Connect Smart Phones and Radios

Push To Talk over Cellular | PTToC | PoC

A remote communications app connects you with all devices in the field, allowing you to stay connected anytime and anywhere. This cloud-based service is integrated with Omnitronics IPR110+ and IPR400 S2 Gateways as standard, and also integrates into Omnitronics Radio Dispatch Systems. Keeping communication lines open, even when you are without your radio.

IPR400 S2 Use Case

High Path Loss Environments

Connect two-way radio communications in areas where signals normally cannot pass through walls or obstacles, i.e. from the surface to underground mine levels, through tunnels, across large buildings.

IPR400 S2 Use Case

Remote Controlled Linking

Dynamically changing link groups in real-time via omnilink Windows application, even when out in the field.

IPR400 S2 Use Case

Connecting Remote Radio Repeater Sites Using IP

When faced with multiple sites using analog two-way radio that are far apart, connecting repeater sites using IP is an easy way to join communications between them.

IPR400 S2 Use Case

Integrating Voice LMR with PTToC

Integrating mobile phones into a two-way radio network has never been easier when interconnecting or bridging multiple LMR channels at a repeater site.

Mission-Critical Radio Gateway

7+ Years of Up Time and Counting

The Omnitronics IPR400 Radio Gateway has got what it takes to be mission-critical!

Installed on a remote oil platform, this IPR has been continuously running for 2593 days, that’s 7+ Years without a fault, reset, power outage or upgrade.

When the organisation’s dispatch system was upgraded from a DX-64 to RediTALK-Flex, all the IPR400 needed was a firmware upgrade to suit the new requirements and it was straight back in service.  Counting up again from 0 until we see it again in 7+ years…

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
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Ambulance Service uses IPR400’s to Provide Backup Paths

Russian Coal Mine increases Efficiency with Radio over IP

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