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RoIP Gateways

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Why Radio over IP (RoIP Gateways)?

Radio over IP (RoIP) leverages modern digital technology to offer a cost-effective means of interconnecting radio systems and operators. It is a solution that enhances and adds value to both existing radio communications networks, and newly established channels.

Transitioning to IP offers some tremendous benefits to organizations that rely on two-way radio communications, which can easily be obtained on either legacy analog networks or digital through the use of RoIP gateways for radio.


Benefits of Radio over IP

What is Radio over IP? See how RoIP can decrease costs and increase flexibility.

Gateways for Digital & Analog Networks

Whether you using digital radio technologies such as DMR, IDAS, MotoTRBO, Nexedge, P25 or Tetra, or you require IP connectivity for your analog networks, we have the solution for you.

digital roip gateway

Digital Radio Gateways

A server-less system for small to medium sized organizations that want ultimate flexibility
tetra roip gateway

Tetra Gateway-DM

Custom gateway for Damm TetraFlex networks
analog roip gateway

Analog Radio Gateways

IP analog gateways

Ultimate Choice and Flexibility

In order to ensure that organizations can get the most from their radio network today and in the future, Radio over IP enables you to choose the best way of connecting your radio resources whilst supporting simple migration, interoperability and the many other benefits of Radio over IP.

roip gateway diagram

Benefits of IP Gateways for Digital Radio

While digital radios can directly connect to IP networks, including a gateway provides a number of benefits to digital radio networks including cost efficiencies, flexibility and security.

Encrypting Made Easy

RoIP Gateways for Secure Communications

Omnitronics RoIP Gateways are not only powerful and easy to install, they also provide security of information. 



Save on Cost

 Increasing interoperability of a network helps generate gains across productivity, time and other network resources.


Use Existing Systems

Migrate existing analog or digital radio systems without the pain that usually comes with upgrades to the new technology.


Secure Encryption

Worried about security of communications? Omnitronics RoIP Gateways offer built-in encryption, protecting against unauthorized access and eavesdropping.



Scaling up has never been so simple: Shake off the limitations of a Telco network with the power of IP!

Omnitronics gateways support a multitude of protocols and communication methods and can be setup anywhere – they’re no longer restricted by a physical cable.



Connect with standard off-the-shelf hardware and industry standard management tools.

Omnitronics RoIP gateways make it so easy to build and manage networks without relying on proprietary Telco equipment.. 



Say goodbye to service interruptions!

RoIP gateways can build in redundancies and back-up paths – increasing availability and reliability of the network. 

White Paper

Understanding RoIP Networks

Radio over IP differs from Voice over IP technology in a variety of ways. This White Paper explains those differences and the various considerations the IT team and systems integrators need to understand in order to create effective RoIP networks that meet their needs.

radio over ip

Why Choose Omnitronics?

Omnitronics are global leaders in digital radio technology, and have developed our RoIP solutions to deliver effective, efficient performance for complex organizations. We support multiple connection methods – including Multicasting, Unicasting, SIP and our unique Conferencing Mode – allowing our customers to choose the best method of connecting radio communications networks without causing issues with your IT network.

Our RoIP solutions support both dynamic and static addressing, and provide simple integration with digital or analog dispatch consoles. With over 35 years experience in the field, Omnitronics provides high levels of customer service to ensure you get the best from your devices.

Best RoIP Vendor

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omnitronics RoIP Solutions


Over 15 Years

15+ years of connecting radios using
Radio over IP


World Leader

One of the first in the world to develop RoIP technology


Customized RoIP Features

We can customize to suit your applications with our clever team of RoIP engineers

Radio over IP is used in many applications to achieve the above benefits, click here to learn more. Or Contact Us for more details.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
omnicore Radio Dispatch supplied to Department of BCA

omnicore Radio Dispatch supplied to Department of BCA

omnicore Dispatch Connects Remote Sites via IP Across Statewide Radio NetworkOmnitronics is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract supplying omnicore Radio Dispatch for critical and other communications across the statewide radio...

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WEBINAR | RoIP Series 1/3: Fundamentals of RoIP

WEBINAR | RoIP Series 1/3: Fundamentals of RoIP

The first in our RoIP series, this FREE Webinar session explores Radio over IP technology and its uses.
In this complimentary webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of Radio over IP and gain a solid understanding of what the technology is and why it is so important in the radio communications industry.

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WEBINAR | RoIP Series 2/3: Practical Radio over IP / Issues

WEBINAR | RoIP Series 2/3: Practical Radio over IP / Issues

In the second in our 3-Part RoIP series, you will learn some of the more commonly encountered issues with Radio over IP.
This Webinar will build upon the foundations learnt in the first session and is also suitable for those with an existing understanding of RoIP principles.

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WEBINAR | RoIP Series 3/3: Advanced Applications of RoIP

WEBINAR | RoIP Series 3/3: Advanced Applications of RoIP

The final in our RoIP series, this session explores some of the more complex applications of the Radio over IP technology, including its uses in digital radio and console dispatch.
This Webinar will build upon the foundations learnt in the first two sessions, as well as taking a look at some of the more complicated applications.

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