Radio Vendor Interoperability

Dispatch and Networking Solutions for Tait Radios

As an official Endorsed Technology Partner of Tait, Omnitronics has developed an interface for a wide variety of Tait technologies including Analog, DMR Tier 2, DMR Tier 3 and P25.

Omnitronics integrates natively with Tait Ecosystem; our powerful interfaces add significant value to any radio network by:


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Compatible Tait Radios*:

  • TM91xx P25 Phase 1 Trunked (via donor radio)
  • TM93xx Analog conventional, DMR tier 2  conventional
  • TM94xx P25 Phase 1/2 Trunked (via donor radio)
  • TM97xx Analog conventional, DMR tier 2  conventional
  • TM98xx P25 Phase 1/2 Trunked (via donor radio)
  • Tait Axiom via AIS

Supported Tait Wireline (TCP/IP) Interfaces*:

  • TN9300 AIS for MPT-IP, DMR tier 2 conventional and DMR tier 3 trunked
  • TN9400 CSSI for P25 trunked
  • TB7300 DFSI for P25 conventional, analog conventional, analog simulcast, P25 simulcast
  • TB9100 DFSI for P25 conventional, analog conventional, analog simulcast, P25 simulcast
  • TB9400 DFSI for P25 conventional, analog conventional, analog simulcast, P25 simulcast

Check For Updates*Note:

The list of compatible radios and interfaces is constantly growing. Contact your local sales representative for the most up to date list.


Omnitronics Solutions Integrate Natively with the Tait Ecosystem

As an endorsed Tait Technology partner, Omnitronics Radio Dispatch, Radio over IP, and Radio Interoperability solutions work have been designed and developed for a seamless integration with Tait solutions, including but not limited to:

Tait TeamPTT
Tait PTToX
Tait Products & Solutions
Tait Portables
Tait Mobile Radios


Tait Axiom and omnicore Dispatch Integration

See how the Omnitronics omnicore Enterprise Dispatch Management System is used by to manage emergency communications with automated workflows, SMS, text to speech, GPS location services and, of course, voice.

Network Diagram

Tait Network with Omnitronics omnicore Radio Dispatch

White Paper

5 Questions to Ask Before You Implement a Dispatch Solution with DMR

Before finalizing your network design, it is important to consider your dispatch console system and how best to integrate this as part of the overall solution. There are five key questions that should be asked to ensure you get the most out of your network and maximize the return on your investment.

  • CCDI
  • CSSI Trunked
  • DFSI Conventional

Omnitronics solutions
integrate seamlessly with the Tait Ecosystem
of workforce applications, workflow automations, business integrations and devices for mobile teams

  • AIS Tier II
  • Conventional
  • AIS Tier III Trunked


Hear From The Team at Tait

“[…] Thank you for your outstanding support and commitment. The Omnitronics control room ‘technology agnostic’ solution is first class. It’s ability to support Analogue, DMR, Tetra, P25 and PTToX broadband and multi vendor brands is incredible. […]”

Richard Russell, Senior Business Development Manager at Tait Communications

Tait TAG Replacement

Interconnect Analog Devices Reliably & Fast

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DRG Gateway for Tait TAG Replacement


omniGateP25 Gateway for Tait TAG Replacement

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