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Digital Radio Gateways


Omnitronics’ Range of Digital Radio Gateways provide organizations with a range of benefits  including added security, redundancy and flexibility.

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The gateways operate as an interface between Omnitronics’ dispatch solutions and a digital radio such as a MotoTRBO mobile, a DMR repeater or a P25 base.  Whether your organization is running different digital radio systems (including DMR, P25, Tetra etc) or a combination of them, it doesn’t matter.

The Digital Radio Gateways translate voice and data into the same digital protocol, meaning differing radios and protocols will all be able to connect to the one network. Users are no longer restricted in their choice of protocol nor need to convert their entire network in one swoop. True interoperability is now within reach.



The original Omnitronics Digital Radio Gateway uses proprietary hardware and operating system software to provide a secure, reliable and flexible gateway between dispatch console IP networks and radio IP networks.The gateway forms a natural firewall between the two networks and provides an unsurpassed level of flexibility for integration into your IP infrastructure.

A P25 version is also available with the vocoder included at the gateway, eliminating the need for a vocoder at every operator position.


DRG200i Side Deep EtchThe DRG200i is designed to address the need for accessing both channels on Tier II (Conventional) digital radios such as DMR, NXDN and dPMR. It will interface into controllers, repeaters and base radios that support an IP console interface such as DMR–AIS. The device can simultaneously and independently receive from and transmit to both channels.


DRG Comparison Table

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