voiop radio gateway
voiop radio gateway

Flexible RoIP Gateway for analog systems

Flexible RoIP Gateway for analog systems

Flexible RoIP Gateway for analog systems


Why Choose the IPR100 IP Radio Gateway?

The IPR100 IP Radio Gateway is designed to provide Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment. Each device enables an analog two-way radio to be remotely controlled over an IP link, either in a LAN or WAN environment.

With remote repeater sites over IP, there is no need for leased lines, radio links or satellites, saving installation and running costs.

Plus, you get the flexibility to adapt and grow your radio network as your organization adapts and grows.


Connect Radios

Connect disparate radio repeaters via IP


Integrate dispatch systems to radios via IP



Scaling has never been so simple

Leased Lines

Replace Leased Lines easily by using a gateway 


Flexible RoIP Gateway for Analog Systems


Protect against unauthorized access & eavesdropping

Cost Effective

Existing infrastructure used

Network Flexibility

Connect in more ways with just a gateway

voip radio gateway


Compatible with legacy tone schemes


Built in redundancy & back-up means no more service interruptions


With standard off-the-shelf hardware and industry standard management tools

Wide Area Network

Connecting 2,512km of Coastline

The IPR100 is being used by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard to securely and reliably 9 remote locations (including 4 dispatch locations) across the Australian coastline.



RoIP Gateways

Connect more in more ways.

roip gateway software

Technical Specifications

What is Included?
Power Supply 12 Vdc @ 100mA
Tone Remote Signalling DTMF, CTCSS, Selcall
Input/Output Digital: 2 in/2 out
Analog: 8 in
Network Monitoring SNMP
Web Configuration/Firmware Upgrade Included
No of VoIP Channels 12
Detect / Generate Motorola MDC 1200, EIA Tone Remote, Selcall, DTMF, Quickcall Paging,  IP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) Recorders
Type Desktop or Rackmount
Supported Signalling RTP (unicast, multicast), SIP
Integrations Analog PMR


Optional Accessory

Vertical Mount Stand

Reduce the footprint and mount Omnitronics desktop gateways & media docks vertically instead of horizontally. Sturdy construction.

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
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