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RoIP Gateway for Damm Networks

Why Tetra GatewayDM for Damm Tetra Flex?

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The Tetra GatewayDM is a software based IP gateway that interconnects the latest 8.02 Damm TetraFlex networks onto one common Radio over IP (RoIP) network.

Built on leading Omnitronics Radio over IP technology, the Tetra GatewayDM provides users with a wide variety of benefits: 


Saves Costs

Single Gateway enables the Damm TetraFlex resources to be pooled and shared by up to 32 operators


Access to Latest Dispatch Technology


Ethernet Connectivity

Providing simple installation and interfacing – no Donor Radio’s required



Across radio protocols for simple migration and inter-agency cooperation


Simple Integration to 3rd Party Applications

including Voice Recording, Location Services, and more


Contact your local Sales Team today to learn more about how Omnitronics can help you get the most out of your Damm TetraFlex infrastructure.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
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