Link: A New Era of Safety for Miners

Digital radio and its plethora of safety features may be the next best thing for mining and industrial communication.

As a team leader, the safety of the team is always a first priority. So picture this scenario: an alarm sounds – one of the team members has collapsed in a pit. The radio on his hip has moved to a horizontal angle which has triggered an alarm at the main site office.

The site’s other radios are busy with chatter about the day’s work, but the radio system’s inherently ruthless pre-emption guarantees that the ‘man-down’ signal gets priority and the team leader is immediately alerted to the accident.

The alarm signal activates the site’s incident management plan, which includes tracking team members’ locations via GPS at all times. Using the console, the leader can locate where a team member in distress is located – the mapping application has zoomed in so the spot can be easily pinpointed – and the leader is also able to find the nearest supervisors and dispatch them via radio to help the team member.

Does this sound like something you can do with your radio system today?

See the full article here: Radio Comms

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