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Maritime: Ports

Dispatch & RoIP for Marine VHF Radio

Dispatch & RoIP for Marine VHF Radio

Interoperable Dispatch Systems & RoIP for Marine VHF Radio Communications

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Maritime: Radio Dispatch and RoIP Solutions for Ports and Vessel Traffic

There’s little argument that, while it has been largely superseded as a passenger service, maritime transportation is still a vibrant, hugely important industry across the globe. For hundreds – if not thousands – of years, people have been taking to the seas to move goods from one place to another, and in the 21st century, much of the world’s trade relies on this proven method.

The lion’s share of coordinating all that moving cargo falls to the world’s ports, and you can imagine the focus and attention to detail required in such a job. The operation of a modern port lives and dies on one thing above all others – communication. At Omnitronics, streamlining communication networks is our business, and when it comes to the radio needs of ports large and small, we strive to deliver the most technologically capable but user-friendly systems available.


Meeting Industry Needs

Unique Radio Dispatch Solutions For Ports

While radio communication for many industries has transitioned into the digital era, ports are one of the few remaining places where analog radio is still the norm for port voice communications. For that reason, any new equipment needs to be designed to handle these systems, in order to communicate with vessels.

Omnitronics Radio Dispatch Management Systems have been crafted to allow for the new generation of communications equipment, while also capably handling analog signals. The  radio dispatch solutions recommended for ports enable teams of any size communicating over VHF Marine Band to seamlessly contact one another, an essential function when it comes to coordinating arrivals and departures of large vessels and critical port communications alike.

Dispatch for Ports and Maritime Organizations

Business-Critical Radio Dispatch

Omnitronics Radio Dispatch Consoles and Systems have a long-standing history in the ports and maritime sectors due to their mission-critical reliability and ease of use.


Rapid Recall

Ensuring accuracy of information is essential for keeping port operations running smoothly, which is where the Rapid Recall system can be of great benefit. The automatic recording of all transmissions allows users to listen back to their communication to make sure all details are correct.

Night Mode

It’s not just in the direct communication functions where Omnitronics Dispatch goes above and beyond, however. The reality of the marine communications industry means that users are likely to spend long hours sitting at their console to ensure everything is coordinated correctly. To make that experience as pleasant as possible, the Night Mode feature can invert the colour scheme of the interface, making it much easier on the eyes at night.

Remote Channel Change

Anyone in the marine logistics industry can likely attest that not all countries share identical marine bands. The Remote Channel Change function accounts for this issue, making it easy to switch between multiple International Marine Channels. The systems enable operators to send commands that switch radio channels, and initiate queries that specify which channels radios are accessing.


Maritime Dispatch

How omnicore Enterprise Dispatch creates reliable & interoperable communications solutions for Ports and Maritime Agencies


Maritime Dispatch

How omnicore Enterprise Dispatch creates reliable & interoperable communications solutions for Ports and Maritime Agencies

White Paper

VoIP for Radio Networks

Radio over IP (RoIP) adds significant value to Radio Networks. This White Paper explores the many benefits of this technology and discusses the range of differing applications in which it can be used.

roip gateway

All Around The World

Omnitronics Radio Dispatch Consoles in Ports

When the time has come to update communication systems, some of the largest and busiest ports around the world have chosen the Omnitronics Dispatch to meet their modern needs.

In Australia, for example, the Port Hedland Port Authority (PHPA) – operators of the nation’s largest tonnage individual port – moved to Omnitronics Dispatch when it was shifting communications into its new control tower. Needing an easy-to-use system that could be remotely configured and managed from Perth, the PHPA’s decision has left its communications solution in a good place moving into the future.

Similar challenges faced the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. One of the busiest ports in Europe, a new, more efficient communications system was required to assist in the movement of the over 200 million tonnes of freight which passes through each year. That’s an astonishing figure which continues to grow annually, but with the Omnitronics Dispatch the port is well prepared to accommodate growth for the foreseeable future.

Groningen Seaports use Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex Dispatch with their Motorola and Kairos radios to manage radio communications across 3 VHF Marine and 2x private channels for their North Sea Maritime communications in the Netherlands. 

Tasmanian Ports Corporation TasPorts implemented omnicore Enterprise Dispatch when it was first released and their status as a Beta customer has meant that their feedback was vital for future product improvements, which benefits other ports and maritime organisations. 

With the flexibility and user-friendly features required for a communications system, omnicore is the system of choice for modern ports. Speak to Omnitronics today about implementing the solution.


Hear From Our Customer

Marine radio dispatch system requirements for Ports and coastal stations vary greatly, and are generally required to support maritime functionality and standards for AIS, RSSI Voting, Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS) and Digital Selective Calling (DSC).”

Port and coastal VHF/HF communications can be standalone but are usually integrated as part of larger Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) , Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), or Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS).

Omnitronics communications management and radio dispatch systems are the critical piece in all of these systems:
Voice Communications!“A port can operate without a radar and without AIS, but it cannot operate without radio communications”

Bruce Mills, Global Business Development Director  | Wärtsila Voyage Solutions

Omnitronics was very accommodating in assisting with specific feature requirements.
This responsiveness to meeting our needs was a key contributor to the success of the installation.”

Jeremy Gibson, Asset Manager  |  Port Authority of New South Wales

Bringing the Power of Digital Radio to Dispatch Operators

Radio Dispatch & Location Services

With over 35 years experience in engineering radio dispatch solutions, Omnitronics offers a range of industry leading digital dispatch systems. Working closely with our customers over the years and testing equipment in a wide array of different applications and industries, we’ve got the experience and know-how to offer your organisation the best possible solutions.

When you choose Omnitronics radio dispatch you get power, interoperability and most importantly immense flexibility and compatibility with your existing systems.


A server-less radio dispatch console for small to medium sized organizations that want ultimate flexibility


For medium to large sized organizations that require centralized control for their operations


The Quantum Leap in Scalable Enterprise Radio Dispatch offers the latest in radio dispatch technology

Location Services

Compatible with RediTALK-Flex, altusomni and omnicore, we have a range of Location Services options


Top 3 Radio Dispatch Systems to Review in 2023

Control Devices Directly From the Console

Aux I/O IoT Dispatch Integration

Remote devices can be activated and deactivated at the push of a button with Aux I/O integration directly accessible from the RediTALK-Flex dispatch console. This standard functionality will allow dispatch operators to execute a number of actions, including for instance opening / closing doors, sounding alarms, locking / unlocking gates and many more.

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omnicore Radio Dispatch

The Quantum Leap in Scalable Enterprise Dispatch

Connect Smart Phones and Radios

Push To Talk over Cellular | PTToC | PoC

A remote communications app connects you with all devices in the field, allowing you to stay connected anytime and anywhere. This cloud-based service is integrated with Omnitronics IPR110+ and IPR400 S2 Gateways as standard, and also integrates into Omnitronics Radio Dispatch Systems. Keeping communication lines open, even when you are without your radio.

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