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Advanced Applications of RoIP

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Advanced Applications of RoIP

The final in our RoIP series, this session explores some of the more complex applications of the Radio over IP technology, including its uses in digital radio and console dispatch.

This Webinar will build upon the foundations learnt in the first two sessions, as well as taking a look at some of the more complicated applications.


Meet Your Presenter

Paul Whitfield

Research & Development Manager


Paul brings to Omnitronics more than 30 years of experience in developing embedded software across several industries, including rail, mining, power, banking and communications.

Over the years his ingenuity has shaped a number of radio & communications products to world class standard, including as Team Leader Embedded Development for Omnitronics Radio over IP products and Digital Radio Interfaces.

Currently, Paul leads the Innovation and New Product Development teams at Omnitronics.


Paul Whitfield portrait

What We’ll Cover in This Session

Multicasting & Conferencing

Digital Radio

Console Dispatch

Mission Critical Push To Talk

Voice Recorders

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