Which Dispatch Solution Do You Need?

Dispatch solutions offer extra layers of communication to your system.

Radio dispatch is an essential element in both single and multi-site operations. Using specialized equipment, dispatchers coordinate and govern a range of tasks through dedicated networks. Not only can this satisfy a number of safety requirements, it can also drive business growth by streamlining operational processes and implementing continual business improvement.

If you are already reading this, chances are you understand the benefits radio dispatch can offer. So the next question is what dispatch solution is right for your business needs?

Reliable radio dispatch is a crucial part of many industries.

Helping Industries and Communities

Reliable radio dispatch is a crucial part of many industries – take airports, for instance. Management personnel need to ensure they have robust communication pathways with ground operations to ensure collaboration between different departments and teams. Radio dispatch systems can ensure management teams have the operational capabilities needed to coordinate often disparate teams in different locations and for different tasks.

Types of Dispatch Solutions

With such a wide range of organizations depending on communication for coordination, dispatch solutions need to be tailored to meet their differing needs. The number of channels and operators – as well as the functionality your organization requires – will determine the type of dispatch solution you create.

Generally, there are three categories of dispatch solutions to choose from:

  • Hardware Consoles: These easy to install and robust dispatch consoles offer excellent durability in harsh environments.
  • Soft Consoles: By offering increased functionally, the soft type are great for small-to-medium applications.
  • Radio Management Systems: This central controller offers remote configuration and monitoring and is designed for medium-to-large applications.

One way to ensure interoperability for both analog and digital radio systems is through a RoIP Gateway. It will allow a dispatch system to handle different protocols coming from other radio vendors by translating voice and data into a common language.

DR Functionality and Organizational Needs

Along with safety, driving organizational efficiency is the most important outcome of implementing dispatch consoles in your system. Incorporating digital functionality can ensure your organization has what it needs to grow.

For example, a dispatch system offers a number of communication pathways above and below the traditional approaches. If an operator wants to call an individual, say a supervisor, the dispatch function allows private communication separate to general radio traffic. Or if an emergency arises, they can receive and transmit emergency calls between radios in the dispatch system. Additionally, consoles allow text messages to be sent to radios and vice-versa, while they can also send emails – adding yet another level of functionality to the system.
server-based radio management system can also provide a number of advanced functions through the use of a GUI on a Windows platform. Each dispatcher can create combinations of channels depending on specific contingencies. An operator, for instance, can create a workgroup for normal duties and another for emergency situations. Each workgroup can be activated in a resizable window at any time.

Alongside this, operators have access to important features such as rapid recall, which automatically records radio and telephone activity, allowing operators to replay specific call segments or even whole conversations.

Tailor-Made for Larger Organizations

Larger organizations face a number of specific challenges, as they tend to encompass many sites and teams – each with their own dispatch systems, and are often spread across different regions. In response, we offer the altusomni that enables multiple concurrent connections to a range of servers. In other words, it allows operators to access all sites, no matter where they are or the type of radio they are using.

No matter the size or function of your organization, we can ensure you choose the dispatch system that fits your needs. With an in-depth knowledge of dispatch systems and experience matching organizational needs with dispatch capabilities, Omnitronics can help you find the system for you.

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Which Dispatch Solution?

With the large variety of dispatch consoles and solutions out there, not to mention the differing protocols and technologies, choosing the best dispatch console for your organization can be a confusing process.

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