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When teams need to exchange information over different radio bands, these disparities introduce obstacles that are impossible to overcome unless departments have the right technology.

Audio bridging enables multiple teams using disparate brand-name radios or radio frequencies to communicate with each other. Omnitronics offers two audio bridging systems – the 619DSRI and the 619EI – for users to set up at remote sites and interconnect multiple repeater locations.

While the 619DSRI and 619EI are sophisticated in function, they’re easy to get up and running. Minimizing the amount of required hardware and equipped with easy configuration settings, the Audio Bridges have been favored by Omnitronics customers across the globe, four have recently praised the solutions for their ease-of-use and reliability.

1. Department of Fire and Emergency Services

DFES Radio Communications Coordinator Paul Belajich recognized the need for a system that allowed specialized hazard management agency staff and volunteers to communicate across all divisions, 24/7. Mr Belajich required a solution that not only provided cross-band functionality, but also would enable the DFES to update networks without disruption.

“The 619’s ability to bridge between radio networks has meant a smoother transition during DFES network changes, the ability to flexibly control the 619 SRI models using Selcall allows users to link or un-link radio channels as required during emergency incident response,” Mr Belajich said.


“In addition, technicians can easily isolate and re-join network segments during testing and fault-finding.”

2. Broadspectrum

Formerly known as Transfield Services, Broadspectrum has been using Omnitronics’ Audio Bridges for around 20 years. Peter James, the company’s communications services manager, noted that Broadspectrum has never had to replace the audio bridging equipment.
“We have never had a fault with any of these devices, and have used them extensively for interfacing radio equipment with other devices at local and remote sites to support radio communication networks for train control operations across multiple state borders,” said Mr James.

Omnitronics Audio Bridges

3. Public Transport Authority

Another testament to the Audio Bridges’ dependability, Hugh Burton, Senior Communications Design Engineer at the Public Transit Authority noted the 619 Audio Bridges have operated “without a hitch”.

“Besides audio checks through our preventative maintenance regime, no maintenance has been required on these devices,” said Mr Burton.


“The 619 Bridge’s reliability and longevity is excellent and should be considered for any audio routing engineering requirement.”

4. Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto, one of the most renowned companies in the extractives sector, has integrated the 619EI Audio Bridge as a critical part of its operations. Greg Greber, Technical Advisor of Site Communications, named the 619EI Audio Bridge as a “workhorse for audio bridging and switching functions”.
“The 619EI Audio Bridges have a reputation for extreme reliability and low power consumption … I have never seen one of these bridges fail from normal use,” noted Mr Greber.

Such dependability is essential, especially in complex mining operations where accidents can occur.

Communication is the lifeblood of field-based businesses. Teams trying to manage resources across multiple locations should not have to procure additional equipment to create a border-less radio network. The Audio Bridges provide this seamlessness without introducing maintenance issues and complicated setup. If you want to know more about these products, speak with our staff today.

Omnitronics Audio Bridges
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