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Why IPR400 S2?

The IPR400 S2 is a full featured, fast and flexible multi-channel RoIP and interoperability gateway, combining Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment and  interoperability between disparate radio systems all in one.

The 4 ports of the IPR400 S2 can be linked together internally to the IPR400 S2 or with VoIP in a myriad of combinations, making the device ideal for connecting repeater sites. The gateway also features SIP connectivity for use with dispatch consoles such as RediTALK-Flex, altusomni or omnicore.

When the IPR100 is not enough, the IPR400 S2 offers isolated 4-wire E&M interfaces, multi-casting, voice activity detection, voice compression, CTCSS, SELCALL & DTMF signalling, encryption and RS-232 data tunnelling.


4 Ports

Control up to four two-way radios remotely over IP link


Site Monitoring

Monitor network performance via SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol



Link groups of radios, IP and VoIP channels in various combinations 



Analog interoperability gateway and RoIP gateway 

Ambulance Service uses IPR400’s to Provide Backup Paths to
Repeater Sites

Russian Coal Mine increases Efficiency with Radio over IP

Tasmania Fire Service connects Radio Network over IP

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