Brevard County School Transport Upgraded to Omnitronics Dispatch

The Brevard County School Transportation Department in Florida, USA is tasked with providing safe, reliable, efficient, and friendly rides to and from school, events, and other activities across the Florida-based county.

In the past they had been using Omnitronics Dispatch at their central dispatch center to co-ordinate school buses and maintenance vehicles for over 80 elementary, middle, and high schools over an area of over 1,500 sqm.

Customer Profile

Brevard County School Transportation Department



Managing Radio Communications for Student Transport & Maintenance for 80+ Schools

Products Used

RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Consoles
IPR100 RoIP Gateways

Business Benefits

A Seamless Transition

Simple to Deploy

Compatible with Multiple Radio Types

Simple to Operate

Minimal Operator Training

The Challenge

Upgrade Required

The operators at the central dispatch center required county-wide connectivity to four ICOM repeater sites, leveraging Omnitronics IPR100 RoIP (Radio over IP) Gateways.

By using these Gateways, the County could enjoy the benefits of a highly flexible network architecture that could easily grow with their future needs.

When the Transport Department made a decision to add additional ICOM IDAS Channels and Radio Linking (patching) they sought the best solution from their trusted Two Way Radio specialist Terrycomm, an Omnitronics Premium Partner.

Product Focus



Connect technologies, protocols & vendors

Easy to Use

Clean & customizable user interface


Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency

See who calls where and when


Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking / Patching

Connect groups of radios in real time


Receive, make calls & patch to radios

Location Services

Advanced people & asset tracking

The Solution


Terrycomm, working in close partnership with Omnitronics, recommended the Department upgrade their End-of-Life (EOL) RediTALK Dispatch console to the newer, more versatile, RediTALK-Flex.

The upgrade was an easy process and allowed the Department’s four existing IPR100 RoIP Gateways to remain in place within the upgraded Dispatch system.

The Gateways were also eligible for a firmware upgrade as an inclusion under the omnicare Premium Support Plan. In addition to maintaining compatibility with third party systems, free firmware and software upgrades also help protect against possible cybersecurity attacks, add new functionality, improve system robustness, and may also provide additional diagnostic and useful reporting capability.

The Department now has 4 primary Omnitronics dispatch consoles, one for each of their 4 bus lots. In addition, 5 Administrator dispatch systems and one Maintenance (Technical Support) Team system were also installed on new mobile laptop devices.
Five Administrators can use their portable license seats as a backup to the main Dispatchers from remote locations. The Brevard County School Transportation Department found the transition to the new Omnitronics radio dispatch software to be “very easy with no downtime and minimal training, thanks to the outstanding support from both Terrycomm and Omnitronics”.

Case Study

Upgrading to RediTALK-Flex Dispatch to manage Bus & Maintenance Communications

Brevard County School Transportation Department again chooses Omnitronics Dispatch for their Icom Network to manage transportation communications covering 80+ schools and maintenance services.


Hear From Our Customer

“With safety and security at risk we chose Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex along with the existing Omnitronics IPR100 RoIP Gateways as a proven, reliable system”

Derek Nicols | CEO Terrycomm


Safety & Productivity

Brevard County experienced a smooth transition and have been able to pick up where they left off with ease, whilst taking advantage of additional new features that are now available to the operators.

We thank Omnitronics Premium Partner Terrycomm for their expertise in installing and configuring the Omnitronics Dispatch Console upgrade at the Brevard County School Transportation Department.

The Set-Up

Network Diagram

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