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Improving Service Delivery

Radio Dispatch for City Councils

Behind the scenes of modern towns and cities, a well-planned system of municipal services are delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From waste, transportation and parking to offering arts, culture, sports, recreation, nature and parks that
foster vibrant communities and thriving businesses environments.

Therefore, maintaining the day-to-day operations of a city’s large mobile workforce who frequently travel is only one of the many challenges faced by city councils. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge with the right radio dispatch management system.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

White Paper

VoIP for Radio Networks

Radio over IP (RoIP) adds significant value to Radio Networks. This White Paper explores the many benefits of this technology and discusses the range of differing applications in which it can be used.

roip gateway

Bringing the Power of Digital Radio to Dispatch Operators

Our radio dispatch consoles promise power, interoperability and most importantly offer immense flexibility and compatibility with your existing systems.


A server-less system for small to medium sized organizations that want ultimate flexibility


For medium to large organizations that require centralized control


The Quantum Leap in Scalable Enterprise Dispatch.

Location Services

Compatible with RediTALK-Flex, altusomni and omnicore, we have a range of Location Services solutions

Dispatch Benefits

Features for Local Government


Voice Dispatch

Co-ordinate teams effectively and efficiently


Personnel Safety

Status messages & GPS tracking for added accountability


Location Services

Know where the team and vehicles are in real-time



Manage staff workloads & system health

Safety of Bus Drivers improved with RediTALK Dispatch

Safety of Bus Drivers improved with RediTALK Dispatch

Case Study Safety of Bus Drivers Improved With RediTALK DispatchOperating for over 95 years, Howick and Eastern Buses Limited provide buses for public transportation across Auckland, New Zealand. Looking into upgrading their communications technology, they implemented...

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