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Custom Engineering Projects

Below are just a few examples of recent custom engineering projects Omnitronics have brought to market.

Digital Train Motion Simulator

DMS 1In order to test the effectiveness and safety of GCPs at level train crossings , Ansaldo required a digital simulator to replicate oncoming trains. The Digital Train Motion Simulator was created to replicate a number of scenarios including for Distance, Speed and Direction. A variety of inputs can be entered to test a wide range of scenarios. This included the successful testing of a crossing with 8 tracks, the most complicated level crossing ever tested.
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Cathodic Protection GPS Synchronization Controller

GPS Synchronisation ControllerThe GPS Synchronization Controller has been designed to turn on and off cathodic protection of pipelines based on on internal calendar and GPS locations. This enables regular voltage measurements to be taken in order to ensure the optimum current is injected, thus maximizing the lifetime of the pipeline.

 Benefits include:

–   Increased Accuracy of Voltage Measurements
–   Achieve the maximum life out of the pipe
–   Significant savings in man power
–   Can be controlled locally, remotely or pre-programmed

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I/O Board for Control Applications

An Input-Output control board was created as a general product that could be used in a wide variety of control applications as specified by the client. It includes a variety of interface ports, flash memory, modbus registers and digital & analog outputs. In-built protection is also provided for a number a harsh conditions.
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