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Desktop Consoles & Handsets

Tough, simple, reliable.

Tough, simple, reliable.

Tough, simple, reliable.

Radio Dispatch

Radio Dispatch

Radio Dispatch


Radio Consoles & Handsets

Omnitronics cost-effective range of radio consoles and handsets can provide functions such as channel selection, remote channel change, Selcall encode and decode and trunked radio operation. For smaller applications where multiple operators need to access up to three radio channels.

Handsets & Plinths

960hc radio console handset


The 960HC provides a simple means of connecting to radios. It comes complete with In Built Speaker, Conference Microphone, Intercom and PTT Switch and can be Desk or Wall mounted.

radio console plinth


Compatible with 960 Series handsets, the 960 series of plinths come in 3 variations:
960PS – Speaker Extension
960PE – Speaker Extension with Individual Volume Setting and Cross-Muting
960PM – Provides Control of up to 3 Channels

radio console plinth


The omnicom external handset and speaker device is a standalone audio unit that provides mission-critical dispatch operators with access to various audio accessories and hands-free voice communication.

White Paper

Which Dispatch Solution?

With the large variety of dispatch consoles and solutions out there, not to mention the differing protocols and technologies, choosing the best dispatch console for your organization can be a confusing process.


960cc radio console


The 960CC includes an In-Built Speaker, Microphone, Intercom and Connections for external Desk Microphone, Headset and Footswitch. It has an LED Display and Programmable LED Sequences and Tone Melodies.

960csd radio console


The 960CSD has all the features of the 960CC plus a Display Screen, SELCALL, ANI, DTMF and CP960 Programmer for Windows

960C3 Channel Controller

Controlling up to 3 individual channels, the 960C3 is ideally positioned between a simple 960 Series Peripheral/900 Series Interface combination and the 960 Radio Management System. 6 and 12 channel options also available.

Looking for something software based?

omnicore Express Dispatch

The complex and varied tasks of dispatching have been simplified in the omnicore Express Dispatch console. Packed full of features, this powerful radio dispatch software has the ability to conduct a range of operations – from routine to mission critical – with high reliability and efficiency.

Case Study

960SIP Console connects TV Adventure Race Host and Production Crew Communications

The popular adventure race saw 280 show participants form 70 teams to race Fiji for 10 days and nights, across 600+km of mostly remote terrain. They traversed mountains, cliffs and canyons, and struggled through impenetrable jungles, paddled rushing rivers and crossed ocean waters. And Omnitronics connected them all.


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