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RoIP Gateways

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Radio Over IP Gateways for Analog Radios

The Omnitronics IPR Series of Radio over IP Gateways merge the power and flexibility of IP with analog radio equipment and networks.

This greatly increases communication reach and offers many benefits including interoperability, scalability, low cost of ownership and ease of implementation. It replaces expensive leased lines and is brand independent. The IPR Series enables you to create flexible and powerful radio networks with convenient operator access.

For information on how Radio over IP (RoIP) can improve your radio network, click here or see some applications.

ipr110 radio over ip gateway

 The IPR110+ is a flexible RoIP Gateway that combines VoIP & SIP technologies to enable dynamic connections to remote radios making radio communications more accessible and easy to use.

  1. Connect disparate radio repeaters via IP
  2. Integrate dispatch systems to radios via IP
  3. Interface SIP-based phone networks Directly with radio networks
  4. Leased Line Replacement 
ipr400s2 radio over ip gateway

The IPR400 S2 Interoperability Gateway is the big brother to the IPR100 and a fully fledged multichannel RoIP interface combined with an Interoperability Gateway.

It can remotely connect up to four two-way radios over an IP link and allows patching between local radio channels and remote VoIP connections.

The IPR400 S2 is an interoperability power-house that can be used to dynamically patch multiple radios even if the radios are thousands of miles apart.


RoIP Gateways

Connect more in more ways.

roip gateway software

Encrypting Made Easy

RoIP Gateways for Secure Communications

Omnitronics RoIP Gateways are not only powerful and easy to install, they also provide security of information.


Save on Cost

 Increasing interoperability of a network helps generate gains across productivity, time and other network resources.

Use Existing Systems

Migrate existing analog or digital radio systems without the pain that usually comes with upgrades to the new technology.

Secure Encryption

Worried about security of communications? Omnitronics RoIP Gateways offer built-in encryption, protecting against unauthorized access and eavesdropping.


Scaling up has never been so simple: Shake off the limitations of a Telco network with the power of IP!

Omnitronics gateways support multiple protocols. They can be setup anywhere – they’re no longer restricted by a physical cable.



Connect with standard off-the-shelf hardware and industry standard management tools.

Omnitronics RoIP gateways make it so easy to build and manage networks without relying on proprietary Telco equipment.. 


Say goodbye to service interruptions!

RoIP gateways can build in redundancies and back-up paths – increasing availability and reliability of the network. 

IPR Feature Comparison

Which Radio over IP Gateway is right for you?

Analog 4-Wire E&M Port


Handset Port


Ethernet Port


Serial Port


LED Indicators


Tone Signalling


Analog Audio Delay Modes


VoIP Functionality


SIP Functionality


  1. DRG100 supports channel change via the CCP interface for some radios (not available in the analog version).
  2. IPR110+ configured for DTMF/Selcall detection.
  3. Available only in Australia model due to export restrictions (other countries may apply for export permit — contact Omnitronics for details).
  4. IPR110+ standalone only; IPR400 S2 standalone and integrated with console.

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VoIP for Radio Networks

Radio over IP (RoIP) adds significant value to Radio Networks. This White Paper explores the many benefits of this technology and discusses the range of differing applications in which it can be used.

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