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voip radio interface

Easily control local link groups remotely from a PC or tablet



What is omnilink VoIP Radio Interface?

Communicating with radios is easier than ever before with the Omnitronics omnilink Windows application. Included as standard with the IPR400 S2 Interoperability Gateway, it gives the ability to easily control local link groups remotely from a PC or tablet.


Remote Control Made Easy

voip radio interface


Hear From Our Customers

“The omnilink application, in conjunction with the IPR400s, has provided our Communications Supervisors with a simple, easy to use method of connecting/disconnecting radio channels from our network. We can’t imagine working without it.”

Martin Griffiths, Radio Communications Manager at DFES


omnilink in Action

Remote communications app omnilink gives you ultimate control over your link groups, no matter where you are, with the ability to connect/disconnect local link groups directly from a PC, laptop or tablet.

Use Case

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

DFES maintain many radio sites close to the Perth metro area. These radio sites are geographically grouped to provide North, South and West regions and presented to the Communications Operator consoles.

The omnilink application is used by the Communications Supervisor to dynamically link or unlink these regions together to:

    • Isolate a problematic region from the remainder of the network i.e. interference, excessive noise, unauthorized transmissions etc.
    • Isolate a specific region for an individual Comms Operator to control during a major incident

Network Diagram

Control Local Link Groups Remotely From a Tablet or PC


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