omnicore Radio Dispatch System

omnicore Radio Dispatch System Managing Communications Across Sydney’s Iconic Beaches and Beyond

Every weekend in summer, Surf Life Saving NSW’s State Operations Centre (SOC) at the SLSNSW Head-quarters at Belrose in Northern Sydney is a hive of activity, supporting beach patrols at 129 Surf Life Saving Clubs in Australia’s most populous State, managing emergency situations and search and rescue operations across the NSW coastline.

The network of 76,000 members with 28,000 volunteers and 26 SOC team members across the state, SLSNSW is tasked with saving lives and delivering community education programs.

The SOC controls and coordinates the State Emergency Response System multi-agency responses with other NSW emergency service organisations including NSW Police, Ambulance, Fire, AusSAR and SES, 365 days a year in order to provide the most appropriate Search and Rescue assets to the scene of coastal accidents or emergencies.

Customer Profile

Surf Lifesaving NSW Includes 129 Clubs & 60 Lifeguard Services Along 2,000km of Pacific Ocean Coastline


Managing Public Safety Communications

Products Used

  • omnicore Enterprise Dispatch System
  • IPR100 Analog RoIP Gateway
  • DRG100 Digital RoIP Gateway
  • IPR400 S2 2in1 RoIP & Interoperability Gateway


The Challenge

At the State Operations Centre, the existing Omnitronics radio dispatch system consisted of a combination of EOL DX-64, DX-Altus Dispatch and RediTALK-Flex Radio Dispatch systems. The array of radio dispatch consoles was reaching capacity limits when it became increasingly hard to manage the volume of communications on the radio network. They were looking to upgrade to a solution that features cloud based centralised updated of the system, consoles and remote tablets. Furthermore, access to cloud-based recording, channel patching and the ability to access Analogues, DMR, and P25 within the one system were required functionalities.


Surf Lifesaving NSW

Business Needs


Surf Lifesaving NSW have in recent years migrated to a DMR T2 network and were looking for a dispatch system with the capability to significantly expand channel and operator count beyond their current limits. A system that could be hosted in a data center and centrally managed with a pool of user licenses that can be allocated as needed, not per device.

Moreover, the capability to use the Radio Dispatch System remotely was a key selection criterion. SLSNSW required that the software be installed on COTS hardware, including rugged tablets that are used after hours when emergencies arise outside of the State Operations Center’s business hours for remote operation at regional and local Emergency Operations Centers or on-site with the Forward Commander.

This would also help them with co-ordinating rescue missions not only on the beach but also in a patrolled or outside-the-flags environment with a multitude of assets, including helicopters, UAVs, drones, jetskis, offshore rescue boats used by emergency response teams.


The Solution

Omnitronics partner Control Centre Solutions was entrusted to devise the best solution for Surf Lifesaving NSW’s requirements and recommended they upgrade to omnicore Enterprise Dispatch.

As an omnicore Enterprise Beta user, the state’s peak water safety and rescue organisation has had the opportunity to try and test the radio dispatch system on 2x fixed and 2x mobile dispatch operator stations before committing to buy, and, in addition, the organization was able to directly feedback suggestions for possible future enhancements to the system’s feature-set.

After a successful trial using omnicore Enterprise simultaneously alongside existing Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex and DX-Altus Dispatch systems, they found that omnicore is easy to install, manage and easy to use with minimal operator training.


Subsequently omnicore Enterprise Dispatch was installed at 2 Surf Lifesaving New South Wales (SLSNSW) dispatch locations: the State Operations Center at the SLSNSW Headquarters at Belrose North of Sydney, and SurfCom Sydney Northern Beaches Warringah.

In addition, 9 portable omnicore Dispatch Consoles were deployed on Panasonic 4G ToughPads, giving Duty Officers on-demand access for 24/7 responses on-the-go. User login authentication is linked to each operator’s respective organizational Active Directory credentials.

An Eventide Nexlog 740 Call Recorder is used for situational purposes to confirm messaging for the operator/supervisor, for internal after-action reviews, and lastly for external reason, such as coronial and legal/evidentiary purposes.

This vital piece of mission-critical technology includes radio dispatch console licenses for 12 simultaneous dispatch operators each using 1 of 33 console terminals that manage communications on 22 radio channels across the state.

The two dispatch centers and 65 repeaters sites along over 2,000kms of Pacific Ocean coastline from Fingal Head in the North to Eden on the South Coast are connected using an existing DMR T2 Radio over IP Network. 20,000 active volunteer patrol members as well as paid lifeguards at 80 locations along the NSW coastline are tasked with protecting 8.5 million beach goers annually, including at popular Byron Bay, Manly and Bondi beaches.

The system integrates with the organization’s existing technologies and allows them to continue using their existing gateways. It is used both in the State Operations Center and as mobile dispatch console on fully rugged 4G Panasonic ToughPad tablets, giving the team of lifesavers a range of flexible communications options that help them safeguard the public 24/7/365. Advanced reporting capability allows the Operations Center Management to access vital reports that help with workload planning and incident forecasting.

The Dispatch Solution

Network Diagram

Case Study

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch Managing Communications Across 2,000km of Coastline

Surf Lifesaving NSW

omnicore to the Rescue

A Special Mission

During the 2022 Flood Disasters on the East Coast of Australia, the SLSNSW team played a crucial role in the emergency response efforts. Communications System Manager Ugarte was allocated to the Homebush State Emergency Operations Centre (SEOC). This central hub brings experts from critical response agencies including the State Emergency Service, Police, Fire and Rescue, Resilience NSW, Health, Planning, Rural Fire Service, Service NSW, and more together to co-ordinate a cohesive, co-ordinated and effective whole-of government emergency response. Liaison officers were assisting at regional and local level coordinating emergency responses specific to their areas of need.

In addition to their expertise and people on the ground, SLSNSW contributed a significant number of RIB boats, also dubbed rubber duckies, and assistance from part of the fleet of 65 AVs – the largest drone fleet in the Southern Hemisphere.
The drones were used to livestream footage of the disaster straight to the control room for risk and damage assessment. Using omnicore Dispatch on a tablet, Andrew Ugarte was able to monitor local radios on the DMR network, communicate with UAV pilots on the ground, and relay messages to everyone in the control room in real time.

In the very near future, Andrew plans to embed Omnitronics omniGateP25 CSSI software gateways to enhance interoperability with other agencies, a full transition to the NSW Governments P25 Public Safety Network PSN is expected to be completed in 2025.


Product Focus

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch

Automagically centralize yourcontacts databases into one

Easy to Use
Touchscreen interface with a configurable layout

Location Services
Geofencing, alarms, route playback

Sophisticated reporting and analytics into existing systems

cad dispatch

Central changes are instantly updated

Interconnect people, protocols, technologies & manufacturers

Full digital & legacy analog radio systems, phone, paging, SIP

High Availability
Fully redundant, data replication, clustering & 24/7/365 Support options

Safety & Productivity


SLSNSW have successfully integrated omnicore Enterprise Dispatch and found it a seamless transition. After using it for one entire summer season and during the flood disaster, the dispatch console has become an integral part of the State Operations Center’s communications tool both internally and when liaising with external emergency services including police, ambulance, coast guard, and more.

We thank our partner Control Centre Solutions for the successful implementation of the system.

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