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Dispatch Training

Whether its a new system implementation, up-skilling the team or training a new staff member, Omnitronics offers a range of standard and customized training options to get the most out of an existing or new Omnitronics dispatch management system.

We consider End User training to be one of the most important components of any Omnitronics System deployment.  No matter how well the install goes technically, if the operators are not comfortable or do not fully understand all the features and benefits of the product a negative outcome may result.  Our trainers can ensure your operators are well informed and equipped to start taking advantage of the technology.

All Omnitronics courses are delivered based on competency based training. Competency based training is a style of learning that focuses on what can be achieved in the workplace after completing a course, or because of your workplace training and experience.

When a competency-based training course is completed, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to complete specific workplace activities at an industry standard of performance, in a range of work environments and situations. 

Training Delivery

Training is delivered remotely or on premises in a way that meets your workplace or industry needs. We can cater training to meet shift work along with remote workplaces.

And we can deliver training on trainer/simulation console systems to ensure safety and business continuity is maintained, while training takes place.

This delivery methodology ensures our training programs meet the demands of mining, utilities, mission-critical and public safety agencies alike.


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Training Materials

The suite of standard training materials includes a broad mix of media to achieve the best outcomes for each learner style. Trainees will leave confident that they have achieved a high level of system proficiency, and that they have all the information on hand that they need to succeed in their roles. 

Beyond the standard materials, Omnitronics develops bespoke training materials to cater for specific client needs. These include customised cheat sheets and cue cards, lesson plans, client feature videos, webinars and assessment criteria. Omnitronics also caters for any cultural or language requirements to ensure training services can be delivered to any audience worldwide.


Product Manuals & Supplements


Product Cheat Sheets


Training Videos


Trainer Lesson Plans


Trainee Skills Assessments Outcomes & Evidence


 Training Courses

Relevant to Each User Level

End User Training

Supervisor Training

Technical Training

Admin Training


Our training consultants can work with you to ensure that any provided course is incorporated and mapped to any organization’s existing learning & development environments. We can do this for both our standard courses or for customized courses that we happily develop to any client’s needs. Giving you peace of mind that our training is consistent with your policies and processes and meets legislative and/or industry requirements.

Systems Covered

Our radio dispatch consoles promise power, interoperability and most importantly offer immense flexibility and compatibility with your existing systems.


altusomni & DX-Altus


Location Services


altusomni & DX-Altus


Location Services


“Detailed technical course with well setup demonstration equipment and excellent configuration examples / tips and tricks.”

Peter Townsend


“Thanks for the session – very good”

Glen Bradbury | Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions


“I enjoyed and gained a huge amount from the training. It would have been good to have had the benefit of the training before we were commissioning Altus systems at customer’s premises and not have to bug your support people so much.”

Nic McLean | Mastercom


“[…] our techs really enjoyed the training last week and got a lot out of it. Really keen to get a couple more guys on the same training next block.”

 Monique Los, Service Manager | Direct Communications


“[…] it was a worthwhile training and a good experience, […] the long trip {from Bulgaria to Perth, Australia} […] was worth it.”

 Simeon Belyovski | Bulgaria Ports


“It was one of the better courses I’ve been on.  Well presented and  informative.   Thank you Omnitronics. Oh, and for the lunches too.”

Chris Bird | Simoco Wireless Solutions


“I would like to thank the trainer, Andrew for the wonderful delivery and presentation of the training materials, and to all the organizers with special mention to Michael Clarke (with the excellent support from Glenn and others) who has always been actively supporting us in our pre-sales engineering activities […]. No doubt that I have gained substantial technical information from these remote training sessions. I am also very much looking forward to the future product road maps. “

Eric Lozada, Sales Engineer | Tait Communications EMEA Region

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