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How Remote Working can Become a Reality With RoIP

Remote working for roles like radio dispatch operators was once considered impossible to do from home but with the use of Radio over IP (RoIP) technology it has now become a reality.

RoIP uses the internet to send data from one user to another so, by using dispatch consoles that are mobile and can work from a tablet or with systems connected to the cloud, a temporary or permanent remote office for a radio dispatch operator is now possible. RoIP is not only a cost effective way of interconnecting radio systems and operators but it also offers a more reliable communication network.

Join Paul Whitfield and Micheal Parker as they explore, through customer success stories, how RoIP can help organizations embrace remote-working and enjoy many of the benefits it brings such as service continuity, cost reductions, increased productivity and happier employees.

Meet Your Presenters

Paul Whitfield

Research and Development Manager

Paul Whitfield has more than 30 years experience in developing embedded software across several industries, including rail, mining, power, banking, and communications.

Paul was instrumental in developing Radio over IP technology more than 15 years ago, which was among the first in the world to be commercialized for mission-critical and other applications. He remains a thought leader in Radio over IP technology and continues to develop ground breaking communications solutions.

Micheal Parker

Senior Communications Consultant

Micheal joined the Omnitronics Sales Team in 2002.  He has a strong technical background and prior to commencing with Omnitronics, he worked on many communications projects throughout Australia, the Pacific, South America and Africa.

During his time at Omnitronics, Micheal has helped deliver many solutions to the maritime sector.

Micheal brings valuable “real world” experience and expertise to his position.  Clearly he brings a wealth of knowledge in system integration, applications and implementation.

What You’ll Learn in This Session

What is RoIP and the flexibility it brings

How omnicore Enterprise Dispatch can help an organization become a work from "anywhere" organization

How organizations can benefit from remote working practices

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