How Radio Continues to Drive Business in the Resources Sector 5 Lessons LearntRadio Communications is vital to the resources industry, and will remain so, but this importance is often outshone by the more public facing industries such as public safety, transportation and utilities.This White Paper explores 5 of the lessons learnt from the world leaders in resources – including the oil & gas and mining industries. Research interviews have been conducted with those on the leading edge, and in some of the largest operations in the world, to bring you a greater understanding of how radio continues to drive business in the resources industry.

ContentThis White Paper Covers

  • ^Technological advancements in the resources industry
  • ^How these new technologies will affect the way that radio is used on mine sites and oil rigs
  • ^The importance of a flexible infrastructure
  • ^The ways in which the role of the Radio Dispatcher has changed
Excavator digging in rubble
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