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RoIP Benefits

Connect in more ways.


Connect With Anyone Anyhow Using Radio Over IP

Connect your radio infrastructure over existing IP networks such as VPN or the internet. With remote repeater sites using Radio over IP, there is no need for leased lines, radio links or satellites, saving installation and running costs.

Plus, you get the flexibility to adapt and grow your radio network as your organization adapts and grows.



Radio over IP Benefits

Radio over IP offers a cost effective way to interconnect radio systems and operators together. It is a technology that enhances and adds value to radio communications networks.


Radio over IP (RoIP)

Lower Costs

  • Uses an existing IP infrastructure (LAN, WAN or VPN)
  • Availability and decreasing cost of equipment
  • Replaces expensive Leased Lines and microwave links
  • Reduces cabling and associated maintenance costs

Increased Interoperability

  •  Across multiple frequency bands or even phones using SIP technology

  • Interconnect technology from multiple radio vendors 

  • Connect to digital radio networks from remote locations and using different technologies

  • Interface to the new generation of Push to Talk over Cellular solutions and other mobile applications


Create Network Flexibility

  • Sites can be connected over wide geographical areas
  • Configure simultaneous connections to multiple sites in parallel
  • Simple to add repeater sites and dispatch locations
  • Provides simple integration with Dispatch Consoles

Improved Reliability

  • Mesh IP network provides inherent reliability
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic of fault conditions

Remote Control

  • Remotely control radios, i.e. change their channels, talk groups, and other key features (radio dependent)
  • Control physical outputs, i.e. doors, alarms, etc.

Improved Security

  • Standards based encryption supported for enhanced security
  • Protecting against unauthorized access and eavesdropping

Easy Recording

  •  Can record using industry standard voice recorders
  • Recorders can be located anywhere with network access

The benefits of Radio over IP can easily be obtained on existing analog networks through the use of IP gateways such as the IPR range for analog or DRG range for digital.


White Paper

Understanding RoIP Networks

Radio over IP differs from Voice over IP technology in a variety of ways. This White Paper explains those differences and the various considerations the IT team and systems integrators need to understand in order to create effective RoIP networks that meet their needs.

radio over ip

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