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Russian Coal Mine Increases Efficiency With Radio Over IP

A large Russian Coal Mine has significantly increase their management efficiency by connecting their geographically separated mine shafts by Radio over IP, forming one interconnected network.

Customer Profile

Large Russian Underground Coal Mine



Connecting multiple mine shafts onto one communications network

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Business Benefits

Increase Management Efficiency


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Combined Voice Communications

The Challenge

Connecting Multiple Repeater Locations

The challenge was to connect multiple repeater locations at each mine shaft to form one corporate communications network. Additionally each shaft consisted of a number of voice base stations.

Case Study

Russian Coal Mine increases Efficiency with Radio over IP

The Solution

Common Voice Radio Channels Established

IPR400’s were set up at each of the mine shaft heads. The IPR400 can connect up to four repeaters with disparate radio systems such as UHF and VHF. These are then controlled and monitored by Radio over IP to the one centralised network. This has enabled common voice radio channels to be combined within the whole mine.


The Network Is Easily Expandable

By combining voice communications, management efficiency has significantly increased. The mine is now looking to further upgrade their infrastructure by adding Omnitronics’ IP dispatch solutions. By using Radio over IP, the network is easily expandable to meet these future needs.

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