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A large Russian Coal Mine has significantly increased their management efficiency by connecting their geographically separated mine shafts by Radio over IP, forming one interconnected network.

By connecting each site with IPR400, 4-port, RoIP adaptors, the radio network can now be centrally controlled and monitored.

See the full Application Note here.

COVID-19 Affects Component Supply

COVID-19 Affects Component Supply

All of our products are proudly manufactured in Australia, however we do source some components from China. As the Chinese government works to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus, restrictions impact on the supply, transport and export of goods from China across all industries, including ours.

Be assured that we are reviewing supply chain options and product availability at the moment, to minimize the effects of supply shortages on our clients in the future.

Our well-forecasted procurement process means that current existing orders are unlikely to be delayed in most cases. We still have stock for most products at current, however we anticipate average lead times to increase, potentially even double for new orders.

If you have any upcoming or urgent orders where lead times are critical, we would recommend placing orders with us as soon as possible to ensure delivery from current or first available new stock.

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