Case Study

Tasmania Fire Service Connects Radio Network Over IP

The Tasmania Fire Service operates over 230 fire brigades across the state of Tasmania and its islands. Facing regular fire danger, as demonstrated by the devastating fires at the beginning of this year, the service required a reliable and efficient means of connecting their radio repeater sites statewide.

Customer Profile

Tasmania Fire Service



Connect 20 Sites via IP

Products Used


Business Benefits

Replaces Expensive Radio Links

Simple to Deploy


Increased Network Reliability

Quick & Simple Upgrade


Flexibility to Meet Future Needs

The Challenge

Remote Sites

The challenge was to connect over 20 sites statewide via IP back to the central control room replacing existing radio links.


IPR400 Gateway

Protect against unauthorized
access & eavesdropping

Network Flexibility
Connect in more ways using SIP, multicast or unicast

Web Configuration
Easy set up, management &
diagnostics over IP

cad dispatch

Quickly Link & Re-Group
Combine & connect users & agencies on demand

PTT over Cellular
Use ESChat to listen & speak over connected radios

Remote Control over IP
Link & cross-band channels remotely using omnilink

The Solution

Tasmania Fire Service

Using a combination of IPR100 (single port) and IPR400 (four port) RoIP interfaces, the fire service was able to connect their analogue radios across an existing IP network. By doing so they have significantly reduced their running costs by removing the expensive radio links and have greatly increased the flexibility of their network.

Furthermore, the interconnections between the radios and the control room have become more reliable since they form part of a mesh IP network.


Ready for Action

By utilising the power of Radio over IP, the Tasmania Fire Service is better prepared to support the radio network’s demands now and in the future.

Network Diagram

Case Study

Tasmania Fire Service Connects Radio Network over IP

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