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Use Case IPR400 S2

One box, many uses. We make it work. Easy.

One box, many uses. We make it work. Easy.

One box, many uses. We make it work. Easy.


Use Case

High Path Loss Environments

In two-way radio communications environments where UHF and VHF signals cannot pass through walls or obstacles, line-of-sight communication is often deemed necessary to overcome radio signal path loss, but line-of-sight may not actually be required.

Mining and construction operators, hotels, in warehouses and other industrial buildings, railway and other mass transport organizations know of the unique challenge to establish superior range and crystal clear voice transmission where radio signal propagation is subject to absorption, and with high wave attenuation, the communications range is reduced. 

That’s where a 2in1 Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway like the IPR400 S2 is useful to connect two-way radio users, no matter if they are on the surface or two levels below, in a tunnel or the basement of a large building. Multiple IPR400 S2 can be connected using IP over fiber even utilizing existing medium. 

Multiple channels can be implemented using repeaters, mobiles and leaky feeder systems, so s
imultaneous conversations can be held between users above ground and below ground.

Network Diagram

High Path Loss Environments

Use Case

Remote Controlled Linking

Dynamically changing link groups in real-time via omnilink Windows application, even when out in the field.

Use Case

Connecting Remote Radio Repeater Sites Using IP

When faced with multiple sites using analog two-way radio that are far apart, connecting repeater sites using IP is an easy way to join communications between them.

Use Case

Integrating Voice LMR with PTToC

Integrating mobile phones into a two-way radio network has never been easier when interconnecting or bridging multiple LMR channels at a repeater site.


IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 analog interoperability and RoIP gateway software.

roip gateway software

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