Due to the large amount of active oil projects on the west coast of Africa, the need for trustworthy communication systems has never been so important.

MRTC, an Authorized Reseller of Omnitronics, was chosen to deliver a critical dispatch system for a large Nigerian company operating in the oil and gas sector that was seeking to connect disparate oil fields and their main hub via unicast IP lines.

Customer Profile

Nigeria Based Oil Company



Connecting disparate oil fields using unicast IP

Products Used

  • 960 Dispatch Console
  • IPR100 Analog RoIP Gateways

Business Benefits

Simple to Deploy

Channel Change Option

Simple to Operate

Minimal Operator Training

The Challenge

Cross-Divisional Communications

The client needed a resourceful and reliable communication system that would allow cross-divisional communications across remote sites that were separated by more than 11km. Permanent communication had to be established between the maintenance teams on all of the manned sites as well as all of the unmanned sites in order to enhance production and safe working practices.

Requirements for the new system include use of the existing submerged optical fibre or radio for transmission as well as adherence to the ATEX-HAZLOC-IECEx standards.

The radio models used by the personnel are common across all sites and facilities within the organisation.

Product Focus

IPR100 Analog Radio Gateway

Easy to Use
Flexible RoiP Gateway

Desktop Unit
12 VoIP Channels
cad dispatch
Supported Signalling
RTP (Unicast & Multicast), SIP

Analog PMR

The Solution

960 Dispatch and IPR100 RoIP Gateways

MRTC introduced Omnitronics IPR100 RoIP gateways across optical fibre to deliver back to back radio communications across the primary and secondary platforms. The IPR100 is a Radio over IP (RoIP) Gateway that creates IP links between two or more radios using point to point (unicasting), point to multi-point (multicasting) or IP conferencing communications.

With a Motorola DM4600e radio and an Omnitronics 960 console connected via IPR100 RoIP Gateways, control of the radio from the remote location became possible, and provided a balanced, half-duplex connection that allows multiple operators to share the IP connection from the IPR100. Moreover, the 960 SIP console is an extremely rugged hardware console that can be used in harsh environments, has extremely high reliability and resilience, and it powers up in less than 2 seconds.

Network Diagram

A Simple & Effective Solution


Set For The Future

Omnitronics products have helped the West African oil organization to develop a dispatch system that delivers more efficient communications across remote sites, and supports the future communication strategy.

Omnitronics solutions give the client exceptional reliability, offering peace of mind that the organisation and the safety of its employees, are in good hands. This new setup is, whilst a very cost-effective dispatch solution, also one that can easily be expanded and enhanced in the future, without impacting on existing channels.

We would like to thank MRTC for the successful implementation of this solution and for delivering a positive outcome for the customer.

Case Study

Connecting Disparate Oil Fields Using Unicast IP

Nigerian Oil Company

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