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Long Distance Gas and Liquid Pipelines are a Major Infrastructure Cost.

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Cathodic Protection is a necessary process in maximising pipeline life by preventing corrosion and oxidation. Transformer Rectifiers, located at regular intervals along the pipeline, inject a current into the pipe to replace any lost electrons. The level of current must be controlled to ensure optimal protection. Regular voltage measurements must be taken to ensure the optimum current is injected.

Historically this has been a time consuming process. The Cathodic Protection system needs to be switched off and on during measurement. Most pipelines extend over extremely long distances and it becomes impractical to manually switch the Transformer Rectifier units whilst taking the measurements.

This problem is solved by using Omnitronics’ GPS Synchronisation Controller.

The GPS Synchronisation Controller has a programmable internal calendar. The internal calendar provides a means of switching the Cathodic Protection Systems on and off at pre-prescribed dates and times, within an accuracy of ±3 milliseconds.


  • Increased Accuracy of Voltage Measurements
  • Achieve the maximum life out of the pipe
  • Significant savings in man power
  • Can be controlled locally, remotely or pre-programmed

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