DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System

Smart, Flexible, Reliable and Future-proof. The DX-Altus digital radio management system is built on Omnitronics’ successful and industry standard IPR technology. Together with the Alto dispatch console, DX-Altus reaches new heights in digital radio dispatch and interoperability.

DX-Altus is a culmination of years of experience in providing reliable, digital radio management solutions to government agencies, public safety organisations, transport, utilities, mining and oil & gas corporations.

Key Features:

  • Interoperability across radio manufacturers and protocols such as DMR, P25, Tetra, SIP, PMR and dPMR able to run on one network.
  • Conventional or Trunked
  • User-friendly, customizable touch-screen GUI, Alto
  • Individual  & Group Text Messaging
  • Individual & Group Calling
  • Location Services/GPS
  • Emergency Management
  • Rapid Recall
  • Canned Voice
  • RSSI Voting
  • Security Encryption
  • Multi-System Login
  • Redundancy, soft degradation and reliability provided through dedicated server with modular architecture
  • Real-time diagnostics with SNMP
  • Easily Expandable and Future-Proof
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Browser based, Remote Configuration of all functions through one central controller

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Alto Dispatch Software

Benefits of Radio over IP

System Components

Simple upgrade paths from the DX-64 are available. Please contact our sales team for more details.

We'll find the perfect system upgrade for you.

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DX-Altus: Driving a new breed of emergency response vehicles

Des Bahr, chairman and president of the National Safety Agency (NSA), knows a thing or two about the importance of effective communications. With over 30 years of experience working in his industry, few people have the knowledge to assess dispatch equipment solutions...

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