Enterprise dispatch and business analytics for mission-critical environments.



Why the altusomni Dispatch System?


Secure, Reliable and Robust.

As the next generation of the popular and proven Omnitronics DX-Altus radio dispatch system, altusomni  is the most secure, reliable and robust enterprise cad dispatch system for mission critical environments.

altusomni comes feature-packed, including rapid recall, location services, omniconnect interoperability, redundancy and reliability, deep analytics and reporting with real-time dashboards, night mode, distributed servers and more. All features, including the detailed reporting in real time, really help manage team safety and productivity.

 altusomni’s rapid recall with instant audio playback function, and the inclusion of omniconnect interoperability; connecting people, technologies, protocols and manufacturers has never been as easy – perfect for dispatch centers and businesses with mission-critical environments. 

altusomni is super customizable to suit your business intelligence needs, with operational productivity & safety metrics all in one. What’s more, altusomni is fully integrated with both conventional and trunked systems, digital and analog radios, and supports traditional analog signalling schemes and modern digital technology.

Connecting NXDN, DMR, P25, Tetra and more? No problem.


altusomni Features

We Include More in Your Dispatch System

Easy to Use
Touchscreen cad interface with a configurable layout

Up to 60 operators & 224 radio channels

Analytics & Reporting
Optimize productivity & efficiency via data insights

Centralized modular server with contacts database

cad dispatch

Location Services
Integrated real time tracking of personnel & assets

Connect with modern & legacy systems

Integrate & customize with third party applications

Rapid Recall
Public safety grade instant audio recording & playback


Business Intelligence

Operational productivity and safety metrics all in one. 


Small & Powerful

Minimal rack space, powerful processors, low maintenance.


Very High Availability

Modular design with high reliability and built in redundancy. 


We Make It Easy to Use

With a super customizable layout and built in GPS.


Vendor Independent

Interoperability with multiple communication technologies and vendors.


Why altusomni dispatch system?

Enterprise dispatch system and business analytics for mission critical environments.

Technical Specifications

What is Included?


Real Time DashboardConfigurable web display for real-time operational system information
Redundancy / Failover (Server Based)Central server with built-in redundancy and modular components
Supported Radio TechnologiesAnalog, P25, DMR, NXDN, MotoTRBO™, NEXEDGE™, IDAS™, Tetra
Public Safety Grade Rapid RecallAdvanced instant voice recording and playback. Locally stored audio recording of all calls.
Digital Radio FunctionsIndividual call, group call, all call, emergency call, text messages, talk group change, channel change, call alert, radio check/monitor/stun
Audio ProcessingSelect and monitor audio streams with independent volume control
Analog SignallingTwo-tone paging , EIA tone remote, MDC-1200, DTMF, Selcall
Voice RecordingRadio and telephone | Access recordings from Call History | Transmit recorded voice messages
Radio Linking / Patching12 independent link groups
Integrated Location and Real-Time MappingConfigurable real-time display of devices on map. Customizable icon and identity display.
TelephonyMake and answer calls, hold, park, transfer, patch calls to a radios
GPS EssentialsOpen StreetMap online / cache, people & asset tracking incl radio location, status & ID


Optional Features
Advanced Location ServicesShared geofencing & historical playback of selected user movements with event log, long-term storage of recordings
We'll find the perfect system upgrade for you.

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