Internet of Things (IoT)

Control & manage devices directly from the dispatch screen

 omnicore Standard Feature

Remote Control Devices with Aux I/O – Internet of Things (IoT)

Remote devices can be activated and deactivated at the push of a button with Aux I/O IoT integration directly accessible from the omnicore dispatch console. This standard functionality will allow dispatch operators to execute a number of actions, including for instance opening / closing doors, sounding alarms, locking / unlocking gates and many more. 


Interface Options

Aux I/O IoT Directly From Dispatch Console

Sound Alarms

Open / Close Gates

Lock / Unlock Doors

Light/Aircon/ Power

roip gateway software

Easy to Set Up

1-Click On/Off

Up to 16 In/Out

Easy to integrate with omniconnect Interoperability


Using Aux I/O IoT Directly From The Dispatch Operator Screen

See how easy it is to monitor the status and activate/deactivate assets using Aux I/O integration. Directly from the console interface.

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