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Flexible and Easy to Use Stand-alone Dispatch Software


Why RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Console?

The complex and varied tasks of dispatching have been simplified in the RediTALK-Flex dispatch console. Packed full of features, this powerful radio dispatch software has the ability to conduct a range of operations – from routine to mission critical – in a highly reliable and efficient manner.



We have an outstanding level of customer satisfaction and will work with you to ensure we meet your needs.

Cost Effective

RediTALK-Flex is a cost effective dispatch console and can be easily customized to fit the needs of any dispatch center.


RediTALK-Flex is simple to use and requires minimal training, having been designed for ease of use and quick integration.


Hear From Our Customers

“Omnitronics’ ability to propose a ‘fit for purpose’ solution and their quick response times assured us that they were the right choice for our needs.”

Zakaria Dahili, Managing Director at Tacticom

Dispatch Software Features

Flexibility for Small-Medium Organizations

Connect technologies, protocols & vendors
Easy to Use
Clean & customizable user interface
Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere
Duress & Emergency
See who calls where and when
Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements
Radio Linking/Patching
Connect groups of radios in real time
Receive, make calls & patch to radios
Location Services
Advanced people & asset tracking


What can RediTALK-Flex dispatch console do for you?


Easily Adaptable

We recognize that each organization is different and that’s why we have created a range of add-on features that enable you to customize the console to your exact needs.

Simplifies Operations

With an intuitive and fully customizable user interface, RediTALK-Flex removes the steep learning curve that often comes with navigating a new system, resulting in a quick integration to your network.

Proven Interoperability

Your communications can become more efficient by connecting users on different media (phone to radio) and across media (radio to radio).

Ensures Safety

RediTALK-Flex is equipped with a highly advanced GPS tracking option which allows you to monitor mobile and portable units in real-time, ensuring that your team stays safe and alert to all potential hazards.
We'll find the perfect system upgrade for you.


The Power of RediTALK-Flex in Under 60s

See how this radio dispatch software is revolutionizing the way in which communication centers operate.


How Simple is RediTALK-Flex dispatch console?

RediTALK-Flex provides you with all of the features you expect from modern radio dispatch software – but with one big difference.

It brings the simplicity back!


Simple to Purchase

Simply choose what features you need from a list of options, or have our highly skilled engineers create a custom feature for you

You only pay for the number of radio channels/talk-paths you need.


Simple to Install

Connect RediTALK-Flex to a wide variety of radio protocols and technologies

Easy installation for Windows 7/8/10

As no server is required, all you need to do is plug into your network to get access!


Simple to Use

The intuitive touch screen controls make the dispatch console easy to navigate with minimal clicks for maximum efficiency

Many features can be turned off if not required, allowing the screen to be tailored to your preference.





RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Console

The easy to use and flexible stand-alone radio dispatch software.

Technical Specifications

What is Included?
Maximum Number of Channels / Talk-Paths12 (20 for USA)
Maximum Number of Consoles in One System12
Supported Radio TechnologiesAnalog, P25, DMR, NXDN, MotoTRBO™, NEXEDGE™, IDAS™, Tetra
IP ProtocolsRTP (unicast, multicast), SIP, STUN
Digital Radio FunctionsIndividual call, group call, all call, emergency call, text messages, talk group change, channel change, call alert, radio check/monitor/stun
GPS EssentialsOpen StreetMap, online / cache, people & asset tracking incl radio location, status & ID
Audio ProcessingSelect and monitor audio streams with independent volume control
Analog SignallingTwo-tone paging , EIA tone remote, MDC-1200, DTMF, Selcall
Voice Recording60 days, radio and telephone | Call history shows recordings | Transmit recorded voice messages
Radio Linking / Patching2 independent link groups
PagingManual dial paging, all-call page, priority marker, instant call, stack paging, talk-time feature, alert tones
Optional Features
Additional Channels / Talk-PathsUp to 10 channels (up to 18 for USA) in groups of 2
SIP Telephone1 line, make and answer calls, patch call to a radio
Geofencing & Historical PlaybackGeofences, events, event log, playback of selected user movements, 60 days of recordings
How many channels and consoles does it support?

RediTALK-Flex supports up to 12 radio channels (20 for USA) and 12 consoles in any one system.

What radio technologies does it connect to?

The current interoperability list includes a range of analog technologies plus DMR, NXDN, P25, MotoTRBO and Tetra.

We are constantly expanding this list, so if you have any unlisted requirements then please contact our sales team for a copy of the latest list.

What are the operating system requirements?
RediTALK-Flex operates on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC’s (all OS require the Professional Edition) with the latest Microsoft updates, .NET Framework version 3.5 to 4.0.
What IP protocols does it support?
Unicast, Multicast, SIP and STUN
What mapping services does RediTALK-Flex use?

RediTALK-Flex connects to OpenStreetMaps as default, in online or cache mode and also supports ESRI ArcGIS maps, GeoServer maps and locally-hosted OSM tile servers (all in online, cached or cached-only modes) out of the box.

What support does Omnitronics provide?
In addition to our standard warranty, Omnitronics offers Support Agreements for your peace of mind.
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