Yazoo covers the largest area of any county in the State of Mississippi, USA. Their command & control center is a busy hub combining centralized dispatch for the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office, Yazoo City, Yazoo Fire Department, and Law Enforcement / Police for the Cities of Yazoo, Sataria, Eden and Betonia in addition to 9 volunteer fire departments throughout Yazoo County.

Managing these complex communications with only 2 operator positions, EMA Director Jack Willingham and the Board of Supervisors saw that their dispatch system needed to have more functionality and also be easily expandable in the future. They were looking for a dispatch solution that is flexible and cost competitive to meet the ongoing radio communications needs of Yazoo county.

Customer Profile

Yazoo County



DX-Altus Dispatch with P25 Integration

Products Used

DX-Altus Dispatch Management System
DRG100 P25 Digital RoIP Gateway
IPR100 Analog RoIP Gateway
IPR110+ Analog RoIP Gateway

In Partnership with Ozborn Communications

Business Benefits

Conforms to P25 Interoperability Standards

Simple Installation and Setup


Flexibility to Adapt to Future Needs

Easy to Use

Radio Technology

MSWIN Integration


One of the main objectives of the new system is that Yazoo County needs to be able to interface to the statewide Mississipi Wireless Information Network (MSWIN) when the requirement arises.

MSWIN is a P-25 700 MHz trunked phase 2 Motorola LMR public safety communication system which is designed to provide 97% mobile area coverage statewide via multiple sites.

MSWIN is the only statewide interoperable emergency communication voice and data network available for use by both state and local public safety entities and connects all police, sheriffs, public safety, county, local state police, and fire departments through Tait TM9400 mobile radios .

Product Focus

RediTALK-Flex Dispatch

Connect technologies, protocols and vendors

Easy to Use
Clean and customizable User Interface

Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency
See who calls where and when

cad dispatch

Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking/Patching
Connect groups of radios in real time

Receive and make calls and patch to radios

Location Services
Advanced people and asset tracking

The Radio Dispatch Solution

Best Suitable Dispatch Option

Ozborn Communications were entrusted to source and implement the best suitable dispatch option and recommended the Omnitronics DX-Altus system.

This was successfully implemented, comprising of 5 channels interfaced to the MSWIN statewide P25 trunked system via Omnitronics DRG100 gateways connecting 8 Tait TM 9400 mobiles and a combination of Tait, Icom and Motorola radios. Channel steering/ change, is just one of many new functionalities that the dispatch operators can take advantage of.


Network Diagram

Case Study

Omnitronics Dispatch Connects Yazoo County Authorities

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.


Set For The Future

With plans to expand P25 channels in the near future, Yazoo County have put themselves in a good position to be able to grow their network with the DX-Altus Dispatch Management System.

We thank our Partner Ozborn Communications for recommending and effectively implementing the solution.

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