Project 25

Dispatch and Networking Solutions for P25 Radios

Radio Standard

Project 25

Developed by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO), P25 is a radio standard that is the preferred choice for many public safety organizations for ensuring inter-agency cooperation.
Omnitronics has worked directly with a number of P25 radio manufacturers including Eclipse, ICOM, Kenwood, Simoco and Tait to develop a P25 interface that ensures interoperability and provides users with optimal network choice.

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Which Dispatch Solution?

With the large variety of dispatch consoles and solutions out there, not to mention the differing protocols and technologies, choosing the best dispatch console for your organization can be a confusing process.

Too much choice?

So much choice can be confusing and that’s where Omnitronics can help. We have worked directly with many of the above Radio Manufacturers to create the Digital Radio Gateways that can interconnect them into one common network.
By using this approach, a number of benefits are achieved by P25 users:

  • Cost Savings  due to the P25 vocoder being centrally located at the gateway not at each dispatch operator position.
  • Multiple protocols (both analog and digital) and manufacturers can be used on the same network.
  • Radios can be accessed simultaneously by a Mixture of Dispatch Consoles.
  • The cost and complexity of the Dispatch GUI is reduced by loading time critical and proprietary functions to the Gateway.
  • Organizations have the flexibility to Change Protocols or Radio Manufacturers.
  • 3rd Party Integrators such as IP Voice Recorders can interface to the Omnitronics network, not all the differing interfaces.
  • Choice of networking options to ensure network flexibility and resilience.

Omnitronics has developed a range of interfaces for differing P25 manufacturers, including both proprietary and P25 standard features.

Why Choose Omnitronics for your P25 Dispatch

  • We have variety of Dispatch Solutions for you to choose from:
    • RediTALK-Flex – Simple to use touch-screen console for small to medium organizations. No server required.
    • altusomni -A complete Digital Radio Management System that includes all the functions of RediTALK but with added features to suit medium to large organizations.
    • omnicore – The Quantum Leap in Scalable Enterprise Dispatch can be hosted on site, in the cloud or data center.
  • Our consoles include a large range of useful features such as Call Recording, SIP  Telephony and Emergency Management.
  • Integration with Advanced Location Services.
  • High Customizability to support simple or advanced screen configurations, relative to your needs.
  • We work with you on system design to ensure your needs are met including customizations if required.
  • Ongoing Support Options including upgrades to with the latest features.
We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs
Link: Setting the Tone

Link: Setting the Tone

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