Digital Radio Gateways
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Digital Radio Gateways

Connect more in more ways.


Why Digital Radio Gateways?

The Omnitronics Range of Digital Radio Gateways provide organizations with a range of benefits  including added security, redundancy and flexibility.

The gateways operate as an interface between Omnitronics dispatch solutions and a digital radio such as a MotoTRBO mobile, a DMR repeater or a P25 base.  Whether an organization is running different digital radio systems (including DMRP25Tetra etc) or a combination of them, it doesn’t matter.

The radio gateways translate voice and data into the same digital protocol, meaning differing radios and protocols will all be able to connect to the one network. Users are no longer restricted in their choice of protocol nor need to convert their entire network in one swoop. True interoperability is now within reach.

drg100 radio gateway


The original Omnitronics Digital Radio Gateway uses proprietary hardware and operating system software to provide a secure, reliable and flexible gateway between dispatch console IP networks and radio IP networks.

Adding Value to Digital Radio Networks

Why use a Gateway for Digital Radio?

While digital radios already operate over IP, gateways still provide significant benefits to mission critical communications.


Save on Cost

Allow radios with point-to-point protocols to be shared amongst a number of operator positions.

Additionally, only one vocoder is required.

True Interoperability

Not only can a mixture of radio types (both analog and digital) be interconnected on the one network but gateways also ensure interoperability across features like Location Services which are not tested as part of open-standards.

Secure Encryption

Worried about security of communications? Omnitronics RoIP Gateways offer built-in encryption, protecting against unauthorized access and eavesdropping.


Scaling up has never been so simple.
Networks can easily be added to and expanded when RoIP gateways are used. Have your full choice of dispatch consoles and equipment.



Integrate easily with existing IT infrastructures without losing features.


Say goodbye to service interruptions!

RoIP gateways can build in redundancies and back-up paths – increasing availability and reliability of the network. 

Wide Area Network

Connecting Remote MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios via IP

 A DRG100 is a simple and cost effective way to connect MOTOTRBO mobile radios all across the country to a Central Operations Center using IP.  Better yet, secure encryption means that the conversations are safe from eavesdropping.



Benefits of Radio over IP

What is Radio over IP? See how RoIP can decrease costs and increase flexibility.

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

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