Simon Property Group is global leader in retail ownership and one of the largest retail real-estate investment trusts .

They have created a specialized Operational Intelligence Center providing enhanced security to more than 190 shopping centers in the United States.

Every day, over 3,000 security professionals head to work prepared to provide security 24/7 in order to create a safe and secure experience for tenants and shoppers alike.

Customer Profile

Simon Malls Retail Property Group



Efficient upgrade of DX System to altusomni Dispatch connecting remote MOTOTRBO sites all across the country via IP

Products Used

altusomni Digital Radio Management System
DRG100 RoIP Gateways


A Seamless Transition

Given the scale of the malls property portfolio across nearly 40 US states, including regional malls and premium outlets scattered all across the country, it’s no surprise that Simon Property Group rely on a tried and proven dispatch system at their centralized Operational Intelligence Center (OIC) to manage communications, especially in mission-critical scenarios where health and safety of patrons are at risk.

Business Benefits

Connecting 190+ Sites

Unify Separate LMR Locations into 1 Network

Connect MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios Into IP WAN

Improved Productivity

Comprehensive System & Workload Analytics

The Challenge

Integration of Geographically Dispersed MOTOTRBO Sites

The altusomni system was chosen as a replacement of an existing Omnitronics dispatch system that had been running since 2013. This upgrade was necessary to expand the capacity in support of a new state-of-the-art Operations Center that oversees the security of sites all across the country, from Florida to California and everywhere in between.

With the expansion to 92 staff while monitoring 190+ sites, the increased scale of operations in the Center requires real-time information about the communications network with the ability to balance work load.

“The {190+} sites are scattered all across the country and beyond. People are really amazed […] when we show them the map of our properties, that we can talk to all properties across the nation in real-time on the radio from our Operational Intelligence Center”, adds the center’s Executive Director Brian Burris.


Hear From Our Customers

“People are really amazed […] when we show them the map of our properties, that we can talk to all properties across the nation in real-time […] from our Central Operations Center.”

Brian Burris | OIC  Executive Director

The Solution

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

The upgrade was not only necessary to increase the number of channels / properties, but it also gives security additional comprehensive business analytics to, among other metrics, view system and operator workloads in real time.

Each site can operate standalone whilst being integrated into the Operations Centre.

As a variety of different IP links are used for the RoIP traffic, the Omnitronics gateways that interface the MOTOTRBO radios incorporate link quality statistics that can be used to measure the IP performance of each link.

Features such as remote MotoTRBO Channel Change from the Operations Centre allow operators to communicate with multiple teams.

Case Study

Dispatch Connecting Mall Security All Across The USA


An Impressive Setup

“[…] when we get tours from high level people from Homeland Security, the FBI, the Military, Police Department coming to our facility, […] watching all those property names {across the country} flash, they are all really amazed at all the different components that we have available to us,” their Executive Director Brian Burris adds.

The Operation Centre’s UL Life Safety Certification and The Monitoring Association’s 5-Diamond Award include redundancy and other critical components to guarantee the properties are security managed, plus additional sites across CCTV and alarms, bringing the total malls portfolio up to 200+.

The mall owners, Simon Property Group, and their security provider can rest assured that the state-of-the art altusomni dispatch system will serve them well in managing communications across the country whilst providing vital business insights to streamline operations.

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

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