Digital Radio

The trend toward digital radio is gaining significant momentum and it’s easy to see why. Digital Radio offers quite a number of significant benefits to organizations:

  • Greater Spectral Efficiency than Analog Radio
  • Better Voice Clarity
  • Improved Encryption
  • Significant Data Capabilities
  • Increased Functionality such as Text Messaging, Individual Calling and GPS

There is a myriad of digital protocols out there and often this choice can be confusing. An example of the available range includes:

  • DMR: An ETSI standard using 2-slot TDMA technology that operates within 12.5kHz channel spacing.
  • P25: A TIA standard that is predominately used in the Public Safety sector especially in the USA.
  • TETRA: An ETSI standard that utilises 4-slot TDMA technology and is very popular throughout Europe. Operates on 25kHz spacing.
  • dPMR: Another ETSI standard that operates on narrowband 6.25kHz FDMA technology.
  • NXDN: A narrowband (6.25/12.5kHz) FDMA protocol jointly developed by Icom and JVC Kenwood.
  • MotoTRBO: A Motorola protocol that complies with the DMR Tier 2 Standard.

With so many available options, it can be quite daunting for organizations to commit to any one particular standard. That is why Omnitronics has developed the DX-Altus Radio Management System and RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Console that is compatible with an ever growing list of digital protocols in addition to analog and phones.

Multiple protocols can also run on the one network, with one dispatch system, creating ultimate interoperability. This also enables migration from analog to digital.

This flexibility across protocols means that organizations can be confident that they will not be locked into a radio technology that becomes outdated or that they can’t implement additional technology that better meets changing needs.

Omnitronics is a Member of the DMR Association and the Tetra & Criticial Communications Association (TCCA).

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